October 2, 2011

Master Of The Moors by Kealan Patrick Burke

Master of the Moors is a supernatural thriller.

There is something unnatural living in the Brent Prior Moors.  Rumours and legends state that huge, hairy creatures live in the moors and will stalk unwitting victims until their death.  Many of the townsfolk know a secret, a secret about the moors and many aren't willing to share their story.

A group of men, many years ago, went in search of the Huntmaster, Edgar Callow's wife, Slyvia.  She went missing and this group of men were persuaded to enter the moors in search for her.  At first the men believe they are searching for the lost woman, however, it doesn't take long to realize the group has been set up and the men are in flight for their lives.  Not everyone gets out alive that night, and those who survived, often wish they hadn't.

Katherine Mansfield lives with her blind brother Neil, her father, who has come down with a mysterious illness, groundskeeper, Ned Grady and their housekeeper, Mrs. Fletcher.  Kate has always believed the rumours about the Beast in the moors and has never strayed to far into their midst.  Neil, who is a very stubborn and independent youth, is always trying to fight the yoke that holds him and befriends a man who smells like rotting earth, who claims he can cure Neil's eyesight. 

Neither of these children realize their worth to the Beasts of the moors, they don't realize their family legacy and as the drama unfolds and the truth comes out, Kate and Neil will wish that the myths would remain exactly that.  They don't understand the magnitude of the secrets that have been kept in order for them to survive; with the return of the Master of the Moors, the secrets unfold and the horror that follows may be their undoing. 

I thought the read was an okay one, I truly was expecting more.  The book starts out in the past, setting the ambiance for the reader, giving us a hint as to what was to come.  I thought the build up to the secrets was great, however, the secret itself fell flat with me.  I thought the twist at the end of the story was predictable however, it was delivered with the right amount of suspense.

I found the story to be rather dull in places and lacked intrigue to keep the reading momentum going.  I sometimes struggled to read through the chapter, as I wanted to read more action, or see more of the beasts in the Moor deliver their "justice", but your left with thoughts and ramblings of the characters and not enough about the back story, which left the plot non-existent and lacking.

I would give this a two and a half stars out of five, for lacking in many of the areas that is required to make a great book.  I didn't have any feelings for the characters, other than Grady and Mrs. Fletcher, the only two characters in which the reader is given any insight too.  I found the actions of the Master of the Moors to be trite and blase, he did not frighten me and I am unsure of why he enlisted Tabitha and her brother to draw Neil closer to him, he could've just taken him and had been done with it.

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Kealan Patrick Burke
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SYNOPSIS:  **PLEASE NOTE:  This is the official synopsis and you will not find Jane in the story...she has since been changed to Katherine, I am unsure as to why!**
Sixteen-year-old Jane Mansfield and her blind brother Neil live in a manor on the edge of the Brent Prior moors. It is a dreary place populated by the dispirited and the disillusioned, where the young nurture desperate dreams of escape. And Jane is no different. But her plans to run away to the city are crushed one very ordinary morning when the quiet in Brent Prior is shattered by an inexplicable act of violence.

In the wake of the tragedy, Jane's beloved father is stricken by a strange illness, and she and her brother fall under the care of the manor's caretaker and maid.

Then, as if attuned to the melancholy that has stricken Mansfield House, a fog rolls in. Villagers begin to vanish. Lithe fleeting shadows are glimpsed in the mist, and a disfigured man arrives in Brent Prior.

A man who has come back to settle an old score.

A man who calls himself the Master of the Moors.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by me..as I see it~!! **

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