October 14, 2011

Carousel Designs Modern Dinosaur Crib Blanket Review

When Kik was little, we lived in an apartment where everything was on the same level, and it wasn't a big deal to lay her in their crib for naps. But we bought a multi level house 2 days before we had Bid, and crib nap time became non-existent. It's so much easier to hold a sleeping baby than carry them up 3 flights of stairs!

For Baby Co, I did not want a repeat of when Bid was little. So we got ourselves a play yard that sits in the living room. And since the Bassinet area doubles as a crib, I also needed a new Crib Blanket to cuten things up a bit. We found the perfect thing at Carousel Designs.

Carousel Designs has the cutest selection of baby bedding!

When I was searching the site checking out crib bedding I couldn't believe how many styles I absolutely loved.  Seeing as I have two girls and am rather girly myself, I couldn't help but look at the girl crib bedding.  I wish I had seen this owl style 5 years ago before I had Kik.

I love the pink and green owls, but for some reason my husband didn't think it was appropriate for our son:)  So I started looking at boy crib bedding instead.

As dinosaurs are manly, and the green color matches the bassinet perfectly, I decided to get the Modern Dinosaurs Crib Blanket.

When shopping online sometimes it's hard to know exactly what you are buying. Will the colors be different? What will the fabric be like, etc? But when I got the blanket I loved it even more than I did in the pictures. The dinosaurs are adorable. The colors are vibrant without being too much. And the blanket is incredibly soft. Love it!

To Buy - The Modern Dinosaurs Crib Blanket retails for $54 and is incredibly durable. It hasn't lost it's softness even though we've had to wash it a time or two.

Another really fun feature of Carousel Designs is that parents can design their own custom crib bedding with the Nursery Designer Tool. The fabrics from the different collection can be mixed and matched to create something completely unique.

For more info check out Carousel Designs on Facebook!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced in any way.

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