September 7, 2011

While There Is Still Time by Terrell Dunnum

While There Is Still Time  is a book of prophecy revealed through poetry.

It is said that God always sends messengers to warn his people before a spiritual event occurs.  Such as Noah before the flood, John the Baptist before Jesus Christ and the angels to warn Lot of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Author, Terrell Dunnum, is one of these messengers, bringing words of prophecy via poetry enabling God's hope and healing through his prose.  This book is a blend of rhythm and rhyme delivering a message that will touch those who read the thoughts being shared; in hopes to bring the lost back to God; strengthen the faith of the weak and inspire encouraging words to those who seek it.

Thus speaketh the LORD God of Israel saying, "Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book."  Jeremiah 30:2

I thought this was a spiritually thought-provoking read.  It's not a very large read with a little over 70 pages, however, it's set up to for the reader to read a poem on one page and the opposite page is left to write your reflections.  I thought this was a very nice addition to the book.  After reading the words, you are asked to think and reflect the prose and then write your own thoughts next to it.  You are encouraged to write whatever comes to mind to help enable you to see the path ahead of you.

The book has been made into five sections with a couple of poems fitting under each.  Section 1 is entitled, "I Am" and the poems reveal thoughts on each.  Overall there are about twenty-six "prophetic" works for the reader to draw comfort from.  There are some poems that will speak to you personally and you are reminded, as you read each, to understand the point of the poem, how it relates to you personally, how it can help others, who are the people that come to mind, and what is God leading you to do?  Then in prayer, ask for guidance to these thoughts and share them in the book or begin to practice the message you received.

I share a verse from one of my favourite poems, it is entitled, " End Of Days"...

Have I not said in the last days
There would be perilous times?
Did I not say men shall be lovers of themselves?
Do not find this strange for now
Comes the end of days

I come quickly on my horse
With power above to finish the course
For in this land are many...

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