September 14, 2011

Songs From Spider Street by Mark Howard Jones

Songs From Spider Street is a collection of 25 short stories combined in  a macabre analogy.

As Michel runs an errand for his father, the setting has begun for the forthcoming tales of the sinister; sharing hidden meanings overwrought with unimaginable outcomes.

The streets that Michel traverses are lined and entwined with spider webs and Michel is filled with fear as he delivers the parcel to Mrs. Wilson.  When Michel hears the spiders begin to sing, here is where the tale truly begins.

Each short story is filled with illusions, deceptions, fear and innuendos.  The reader is left to determine their own outcome on the passages they had read, leaving each reader with different viewpoints.

There are no two stories similar and each one will leave you wondering about the narratives you had just observed.  Some of the stories will make you grin in understanding and others will leave you confused, as you are unsure the pretext in which you were to decipher those words that you just perused.

 I'm not sure what to make of this book, some of these stories were very strange and I'm not sure what I was to make of them and others I found downright delightful to read.  I loved the set up of the book and thought by the introduction of Michel, that each of the stories would tie into the other, or at least blink at them, but this wasn't the case and this misleading clue-in left me slightly off kilter as I continued to read.

Each of the stories is a stand alone and there is no correlation between one story, except for Michel's story, his is the only one that has a beginning, an ending and a plot, of sorts.  I found many of the other stories started in the middle of the scene and ended just as you were starting to get the gist the author was trying to convey.

While I found the stories intelligently writing, I found that the author lacked the depth and the substance of the story in exchange for technique.  It leaves the reader with an empty feeling and the closure one would expect is defiled.

I would give this a 3 out of 5 stars.  While some may enjoy the haphazard collection style of this book, I found it lacked a certain "je ne se quois" that would have made it outstanding.  While the stories are fresh and interesting, I never felt complete reading them.  However, for the science fiction, horror aspect, one may find one or two stories of interest.  "Mirrorcles" while it was a strange tale was written with a haunting and poignant under note that left the reader thinking on the tales interjections.

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