September 27, 2011

Sassy Baby Stay Clean Silly Squirts Review

My kids have always loved bath time. They love to splash and play, and make a giant mess. We've gone through a lot of bath toys over the years, trying to find ones that the girls love. Unfortunately it seems like the one that the girls like to play with don't hold up very well.

With Kik we had fun alphabet letters that she loved, but we bought pretty cheap ones and she literally bit them in half. Other toys have had hard plastic edges and caused injuries, and some they find a way to drink from. Which is just gross. We've also had toys that get moldy in the bath, and won't clean up even though they are designed for the bath.

A toy that my girls have loved playing with over the last few weeks, is the Stay Clean Silly Squirts from Sassy Baby.

There is a cat and a fish, and function much like other bath squirt toys - fill and squirt.  My girls love to pick a target in the tub and see if they can hit it with the water.  They also love to squirt each other, and occasionally me.

These particular toys though are made from soft plastic and are easy to fill up and squirt.  Another fun feature is that the toys themselves can be separated and the pieces mix and match to form other creatures.

This is my girls favorite combo!

My favorite thing about the toys is that they are dishwasher safe.  Which means no more moldy bath toys even if my baby does decide to chew on them in the future.

Sassy Baby has a huge variety of toys, feeding, and other products designed to help teach your child as they grow.  All of their products are designed to help inspire and develop and inspire all of your child's senses - hearing, touch, sight, smell and taste.

I'm really excited to try out their teething feeder when our baby gets older.  It's a great way to let a baby experience whole foods without the risk of choking or other problems!

It will be a few months before we can use it, but it looks like all you have to do is insert the food in the mesh container and let them have at it!

To Buy - Sassy Baby products can be purchased online and at retailers across the country!  For more info you can also connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced in any way. 

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