September 13, 2011

Nine Insights For A Happy And Successful Life by Mitchell Earl Gibson MD

Nine Insights For a Happy and Successful Life is a self-help guide to putting your life on the right path as our Creator intended.

Happiness does not come easy for most people, some could even say it was an Art to be happy.  If you wish to be happy, then one should practice this Art more and accept the teachings that enabling happiness would entail.

Nine Insights  helps you to focus and teaches you how to embrace the joy that breathes within each of us.  The book discusses two main principals that will guide the reader to the road to happiness.

The first principal explores methods in which will help you to discover the secret inner joy that already resides within you.  The second shares the powerful and effective methods that will help you remove the chaos and obstacles that stop you from expressing and feeling the joy and happiness in your daily life.

I was impressed with the depth of clarification that the author wrote with.  I liked his insights, his humour and the anecdotes shared.  I found the flow and the narrative to be an easy read that wasn't bogged down with logistics and blather.

Every page is filled with support and encouragement and the reader can feel the author's enthusiasm.  The personal stories shared are thought provoking and inspirational as are the stories shared with the reader on many known celebrities.

Marilyn Monroe, J.K. Rowling and Abe Lincoln are but a few of the personalities mentioned in these pages.  The author shares with the reader their individuals struggles to their rise and how one should never give up their struggles and to believe in yourself.

There are cute cartoons dispersed throughout the pages that also offer insight from a comedic point of view.  From the onset the comic shared is that of a lady sunning herself on the beach, her "spouse", it is assumed, walks up to her looking like a potato...she says..."So I see you finally got off the couch...".  It is these little breaks in the dialogue that also allow the reader to reflect on their life choices.

Anyone looking for some guidance and friendly advice will want to read Nine Insights for that extra needed push in the right direction.  It is not a long read and the sentences are well spaced but it is informative in a caring way that will warm the reader to its graces.

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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