September 13, 2011

The Full Moon Bride by Shobhan Bantwal

The Full Moon Bride is a romantic drama.

Soorya Giri is against arranged marriages or so she thought, until recently when she realizes her "biological clock" is ticking.  After years of going against her Telugu traditions, Soorya finally consents to her families strategy of finding an eligible bachelor.

Soorya has agreed to participate in a traditional bride-viewing custom that has been practiced by her people for generations.  Dressing in a traditional sari, she meets her "impending" bridegroom.  What Surya finds isn't what she expected.

After accepting a movie date with Roger Vadepalli, she soon learns that he has lied about his true intentions and only wishes to marry her for her considerable dowry.  Roger or Rajesh as he is formally known, is involved with the theater and wishes to write, produce and direct his own Broadway productions.  He has no money even though his family is rich; his father disagrees with his career choice and no longer supports Rashid in his endeavours.

Soorya is a successful environmental lawyer who also comes from a well-off family.  She doesn't like deceit and though she is attracted to Roger, as she calls him, she remains his friend while combating her inner turmoils.  She believes herself to be fat, hairy and ugly and doesn't realize that the men in her life do not agree with her observations.

Along the way, Soorya also finds other prospects in Lou Draper, a recently widowed attorney with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protections.  The two are attracted to one another and Surya becomes confused over her emotions, she had never been kissed and doesn't know how to respond to Lou's advances.

Satish is her third prospect.  He is a programmer at an investment bank who aspires to be an actor.  Soorya meets Satish when she goes to watch an rehearsal of Roger's play that he has managed to find a backer to support.

With her career on the rise after a couple of successful deals and her love life flourishing, Soorya finds herself overwhelmed with all the attention.  Will her heart lead her along the path set before her or will her will lead her astray?

I enjoyed the writing style of Shobhan Bantwal.  She wrote her characters in a believable and likeable way.  I enjoyed reading about the back characters as well as the heroine.  The parents brought a realistic depth to the turmoils surrounding Soorya.  Her familial traditions that she beginning to embrace were explained perfectly for any reader who is not familiar with the customs of her ancestry.

I loved how the information was shared with the reader instead of expecting them to understand what it was being described.  As well, it wasn't described in a condescending nature, it was shared as if Soorya herself was only just learning, which she was.

I wasn't sure if I believed that Soorya could be such a dependent who had confidence problems.  She worked in a highly successful law firm as a junior partner and that's not an easy place to represent oneself with confidence and strength of will, yet, certain aspects of her character appeared flawed when weighed up against such a career rise.

I found the narrative to be believable with a natural flow to its linguistics.  Stayed focused on its first person narrative and had few editorial issues. 

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! ** 

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  1. Jennifer,

    Thanks for an insightful and fair review. I appreciate your kind support.

    Shobhan Bantwal
    author of The Full Moon Bride