September 20, 2011

From Combat Zone To Love At Home by Debbie Preece

From Combat Zone to Love at Home is a happy face token system to help teach your children about responsibility. 

Do you have a problem with getting your children to clean up after themselves??  Do you have problems with their attitude and behaviour?  Then this is a book you will want to check out for yourselves.

This book is designed to incorporate a token system in order for your child to excel.  You find out something your child wishes to save up for and then you implement the token system.  For every good deed or chore they do, they are rewarded with tokens, the same goes if they do something wrong, they will lose the tokens they have built up.

The program is built on spiritual and scriptural basis and helps you to incorporate these thoughts and actions into your child's development.  You will find everything you need between these pages that will help you to help your child become a helpful and loving child and remove the frustration of their tantrums.

I found the whole system very easy to understand except for the token part, I didn't realize that one had to already have tokens, okay, so I'm not always that bright.  I thought the book was very well designed, it came in a combat covered binder and a highlighter pen to make notes, and well, it was so nicely put together, I thought that the tokens were included and kept looking for them, halfway through the book, I realized I am to use my own.

There is one of the exercises that my children just would not do and that's the one where they are tied together by an invisible rope and the child that was dissed is now the Commando and the sibling that did the dissing has to follow their every command is now the GI Joe, the GI Joe even has to stand outside the bathroom waiting for their brother/sister.  The Commando gets to direct everything the two of them do until the offending child has sufficiently and believable apologized for their actions.  The Commando also gets to decide how many tokens are to be removed.  No matter what, I just couldn't get my two to follow those directions, even with the threat of losing their tokens.

I did find one thing annoying, the book kept referring to a CD which was not included and I felt a little bewildered at times.  As well, I am not a fan of the war theme, using terms like Commando, G.I. Joe, prison camps, counter-terrorism as an example.  Such thoughts portrays a negative message to me, I understand what the author was trying to convey, but I'm just not a fan of WAR, of any kind and our media is more than filled with it, so I've had to change the theme for my family, I just wasn't comfortable using the terms described within the pages.  The message is still the same, its just the terms that were changed.  Like Commando became the CEO and GI Joe's became kids are not used to hearing War terms, so for them, this worked out perfectly!!

My son is determined to earn enough tokens to buy himself a handheld DS, he knows he has a long way to go to achieve his goal and thus far, we haven't been called to the school once for his attitude, he has a problem with listening to authority and by this time last year, we were already visiting the school.  He's bringing home A's and keeping his pace.  His only downfall is where is sister is concerned, she is thirteen months older and he feels he should be the older sibling, so they are constantly bickering and fighting, I have, as of yet, found a viable solution, but I will!!

I would give this book a four out of five stars; while some of the actions and exercises do work, there are some that do not and that's up for you to decide what ones work with your children and which ones are a fail.  The token system does work, however, you have to keep it fresh or the children will lose interest in the methods and their goals become disillusioned by the system.  You truly have to remember to be fair and to hold to the rules or your little ones will become discouraged and the system fails.  Diligence and hard work from both the child and the parent will make this a success!

The Happy Face Token System

If you have ever felt that you are at combat with your children more than you are at peace, this book will give you a step by step plan for having more love at home. This remarkable, Bible-based "happy parenting" book will set you up with all the tools needed for success. The Happy Face Token System is truly inspired and gives hope and relief to those parents who have tried everything else and failed. Your children will soon call you the "Best mom in the whole world!" and they will come the first time you call them, cheerfully and happily. This is an extremely adaptable program made for the convenience, blessing and happiness of mom and/or dad. It is also useful as a "defining line" for those who home school as "parent and teacher."

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for the review. Just to clear up a few things, the tokens are in the back of the book behind the Gardening Spot as copy and cut out. The CD the book referrs to is included with the purchase of the book, I'm sorry I forgot to include it with yours. It contains all the charts and audio files I have used in all printings of the book. All charts are 8X10 and print ready. There is also a full page of various types of tokens ready to print on colored paper and cut out. THE FREE OFFER with this book is the COMBNATMOM PLANNER (a $30.00 value). Please see my web pages: and my store of course...
    The book is also available as an E-Reader in pdf and the CD is also available online or hard copy as requested.