September 14, 2011

The Final Victim by Larry Jukofsky

The Final Victim is a supernatural horror thriller.

One man was at the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up paying for it with his life.  However, before he dies he vows to get revenge on the man who violently took his life.

The Temple Bethel of Breakers View Island has commissioned to have a victim from the Treblinka concentration came delivered to them to commiserate a shrine dedicated to Holocaust victims.

Rudy Singleton has been dispatched to pick up a casket from the airport and deliver it to the Temple, however, before that happens, Rudy and the casket go missing.

Deputy Archie Hay is the first person on the case and begins to follow the leads that are laid before him.  He finds the situation strange and when Rudy turns up in jail acting crazy and ranting in German, things only get stranger.

Karl Licht is a local businessman who has criminal skeletons in his closet and its time for him to pay his "dues".  When he turns up murdered, everyone in town is at their wits end as to what could drain his blood completely and leave no other visible clues behind.

When it comes to light that a Dybbuk, a Jewish vampire, is on the loose, the reality of the situation is hard to believe and for some, it may cost them their lives.

I have to say I had a real problem with the group of them running around flashing shawls or 'Arba Kanforth's' as they are traditionally known at the vampires and surviving.  These shawls, which are Jewish holy talismans for good luck are worn under one's clothes.  I'm guessing they are equivalent to the Christian crucifix you would hear about in most contemporary vampire-ish stories.  Now, while I don't have anything against the use of a shawl in place of the cross, I found it unbelievable that it worked to aid the group in their troubles.  With the cross, one had to believe in the faith that it represented, however, it seems, anyone can wave a shawl at a Jewish vampire and escape their possessive charms.

I found the fact that there were no chapters annoying at times when you read at the bottom of one page some information that didn't feel like there was closure with, to turn the page and begin another with another group of characters.  I would've liked to have seen some differentiation between the characters to keep the flow readable.

I did find many of the characters likeable and Archie Hays was my favourite.  I enjoyed his willing to listen to even the most absurd of ideas.  There was mild to moderate expletives and the graphic nature of the novel is mild.

I would give this book a two out of five stars because the story had many holes in its plot, the Dybbuk wasn't explained properly enough and the ending was too neat and polished.  I thought the cover on the book was fantastic and I believe that this book has measure but it didn't work for me.

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