September 13, 2011

Barbie Princess Charm School Party and DVD Release

In conjunction with the new Barbie Princess Charm School Movie that comes out TODAY, I had the opportunity to host a Barbie Charm School Party for my daughter and her friends last weekend.

Originally we were supposed to have the party on the the 3rd of September, and we had everything all planned out and ready. I had invited 10 girls over to the house, and all of them but one said they could come. Then one by one, they all cancelled until only my 2 daughters and only 2 other girls were left. Kik was devastated! She had planned the whole thing and knew exactly what she wanted to do, and when she wanted it to happen. She had picked out all of the decorations herself, and her plans were falling through.

Not thinking of anything but the fact that I was supposed to have a baby in 3 weeks, her not very smart mommy scheduled the party on a Holiday Weekend! So after a quick call to the remaining girls moms, the date was changed and the party was back on!

Kik and I made invitations to our "Barbie Charm School" for all of the girls and delivered them personally to everyone's houses. The only thing the girls had to do to be able to attend, was dress like a princess and bring their favorite barbie.

Since Kik was the host of the party I made her greet each guest at the door - "Welcome to the Party, Please Come In." The girls got such a kick out of this, that each girl was welcomed by all of the earlier guests.

After the guests arrived, I started teaching all of the girls how to be a princess. We practiced walking across the room with books on our heads.

Then learned how to curtsy and do a princess dance.

Next was time for table manners! Kik had helped me set the table earlier during the day with a "beautiful" plastic pink tablecloth, princess name card that we had printed off online, and the table setting place mats that were provided to me for the party. We decided not to set up anything else, as she really wanted all of the girls to learn to do it themselves.

We had all of the girls find their place at the table, and then let them figure out what they needed to set the table properly. They thought this was so fun! They had no idea that there was a proper way to set a table.

After the table was set, we had a light tea which consisted of oreos, cupcakes, and apple juice. It was so funny to watch 10 five year olds, and a 2 year old trying to cut their cupcakes with a knife and eat properly.

Then we went over the princess training checklist that came with the kit, and wrote thank You notes. The girls were all pretty little, so the Thank You notes consisted of them writing Thank You on it and then a picture of whatever they were thankful for. As crazy as it seems, I think this was one of their very favorite activities!

At this point in the party, we had run out of manners activities so we turned on a Barbie movie, popped some popcorn, and let the girls play. They had a great time play acting with their barbies and the other Princesses in the room. The Barbie Charm School Party was definitely a big hit!

To Buy - The Barbie Charm School Party will be released nationwide on September 13th! That's today!  The SRP is $20, or you can get it on Amazon right now for just $12.98.

In the movie - Barbie™ stars as Blair Willows a kind-hearted girl who is chosen to attend Princess Charm School: a magical modern place that teaches dancing how to have tea parties and proper princess manners. Blair™ loves her classes -- as well as the helpful magical sprites and her new friends Princesses Hadley™ and Delancy™. But when royal teacher Dame Devin discovers that Blair™ looks a lot like the kingdom’s missing princess she turns Blair’s world upside down to stop her from claiming the throne. Now Blair™ Hadley™ and Delancy™ must find an enchanted crown to prove Blair’s true identity in this charming and magical princess story!

As it's not out yet I don't know anything else about it, but my girls have never been more excited for a Barbie Movie to come out.  They think that Blair is absolutely Beautiful, and love that the Hadley and Delancey dolls kind of look like them!

If you would like to host your own Barbie Princess Charm School Party, or just want the Princess in your life to go through the training, check out the Barbie Princess Charm School Web Page. Their are lots of manners tips and tricks, and even a "school" your daughter can enroll in!

Disclosure - I received products to host a Barbie Charm School Party from One 2 One Network!

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