September 9, 2011

Back to School - Stuart Weitzman Shoes Review

As much as Kik and my husband are enjoying being back in school, Bid is having a really hard time with the whole thing. She misses her daddy, but she really misses her sister.

For example, Kik's dance class started at the beginning of August, and Bid was so upset that she couldn't do it with her. The dance studio did have a class starting for her age group at the end of August so we decided to enroll her in that. She was so excited! Then we went to class. Here are the before and after pictures.

It didn't go over well. She just wanted to go watch her sister dance and refused to do anything!

Another example of this is church. Where we go kids start going to a nursery at 18 months, and Bid is 2 and a half now so she has been going for a year. Now that Kik is in school, she will not go. She wants to go to the big girls class with her sister, but can't. So she just sits outside in the hall against the wall and pouts! It's awful!

I haven't really known what to do about the situation, and so haven't really done anything. But then a few weeks ago a special package came in the mail - just for Bid - that's made a huge difference.

Inside the package was a pair of black/white Lacey shoes from Stuart Weitzman's new fall line!

When we opened the box she made a little gasping noise. Then she put the shoes on and instantly fell in love. She loves them so much, that no one was (or still is for that matter) allowed to touch them. She wouldn't let us take the stickers off the bottom, and she got so upset with me when I took the cardboard insert out of the shoe itself.

I instantly thought of a way to use this to my advantage. The shoes came off and were put away until Sunday. I told her that they were special Sunday shoes, and she could only wear them if she would go to her class.

And when Sunday came around ...

She went to class!

Bid is pretty hard on shoes. She likes to walk on her tiptoes and drag her feet on the ground. We've purchased multiple pairs of shoes that have only lasted one or two weeks before the front is all torn up. Because the lace is on a separate layer from the base of the shoe, I was expecting the same. But she has worn them for 3 Sundays now and multiple times around the house, and the lace isn't even fraying yet.

To Buy - I love these shoes! Not only are they some of the cutest kids shoes that I've ever seen, but they have been an absolute lifesaver.  I'm so grateful to Stuart Weitzman for making them a part of his fall line.  Now I just need him to make a line of dance shoes, that she loves just as much!

To see more of what the Stuart Weitzman line of shoes has to offer, check out!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced in any way!


  1. The shoes (and your daughter!) are adorable. I love Stuart Weitzman too...easily my favorite grown-up shoe. I'm glad they're doing shoes for kiddos now too.

  2. Your story reminds me of my daughter and the first time she went to ballet classes. She used to love it sooo much. Now she plays football and is totally against ever doing ballet again. Shame, she was really great at it.

  3. These look great!

    I'm a new follower from Double Duty Divas. Hope you can stop by

  4. those shoes are super cute! My daughter would love them!