September 2, 2011

Back to School - Personal Creations Puzzle Name Rack Review and $50 Gift Card Giveaway

With Kik being an official Kindergartner, we thought it was time that she had specific chores and responsibilities around the house. We didn't want to make things too complicated, but wanted to give her set tasks that she could do on a daily basis without help.

Since she is 5 we decided to assign her 5 main chores that basically just teach her to pick up after herself
  • put her dishes in the sink after she eats,
  • put her dirty clothes in the hamper,
  • put her shoes in the shoe bin,
  • help clean up her toys,
  • hang up her coat and bag pack after school
The first four items are pretty basic and didn't require any extra supplies. But since she can't really reach the hangers in the closet, we needed to find some way for her to do the last chore.

Our solution, a Kids Puzzle Name Coat Rack from Personal Creations

We loved that the rack was small and kid-sized, and could be personalized so she would feel like it was a special place just for her stuff.

We thought about hanging the rack in her room, but decided that everything would get knocked down too often during "play" time. But there is a little hallway/entrance way right outside her bedroom door that is separate from the rest of the upstairs, so we decided to see how it worked there.

So far, it's been perfect! We were able to hang it at her level, in an area that isn't really conducive to play. Her stuff isn't strewn about the floor anymore, and she feels special because it has her name on it!

Personal Creations also has a variety of other products that can be turned into personalized kids gifts. Because Kik is in Kindergarten and has to have everything labeled, Personal Creations is the perfect place to shop for Back to School products.

These products would definitely help Kik keep all of her stuff together!

To Buy - The Kids Puzzle Name Coat Rack retails for just $39 and would be the perfect addition to any child's room.  Not only does it help teach them responsibility, but it is adorable as well.  It also comes in Primary Colors more befitting to a little boy's room!   For more info and to find special deals, you can also check them out on Facebook! (And here's a little inside tip - become a fan today and get 20% off your order)

To Win - Personal Creations is giving away a $50 Gift Code to one of you!  Just head on over to the Back to School Giveaway to enter to win!

Disclosure - I received a Product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions expressed in the post are my own and I was not compensated in any way.

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