August 7, 2011

Xander Nash: Let My People Go by Hunter Talen

Xander Nash:  Let My People Go is a children's christian book.

Xander is upset with his mom.  She won't let him go to his friend Jackson's sleepover party because it is a school night.  She explains to Xander that if it were the weekend, she would agree but school is most important.  Xander tries pleading and bargaining but to no avail. 

Upset with his mother, Xander takes Mitts out for a walk to explore the empty lot up the street.  When they arrive they notice that the clouds are funny looking and one that resembles a huge swing floats down in front of the two.  After climbing on, the two are whisked away to another time in another land.

When they land, they meet Moses, who is talking to a burning bush.  After introductions, Xander and Mitts join Moses and follow his tribe. 

When they arrive in Egypt, they are met by the Pharaoh who tells them they are not allowed to pass through his lands.  He does not wish to free the Israelites as they are his slaves and this makes Moses sad.  Ramses and he were once like brothers and now there is a rift between the two, sadly the people he is protecting begin to suffer at the hands of Ramses.

Praying to God for an answer, Moses is shown the way.  After many plagues hit Egypt, Ramses tells Moses to take his people and go.  Taking over 6000 adult men and their women and children, Moses, Aaron, Xander and Mitts begin the trek out of Egypt.  When the quest it completed, Moses helps Xander to get home.

I quite enjoy the Xander Nash series of books.  I love their illustrations, they are kind of animated and real life imposed together and sometimes they are cartoony.  I think the pictures are well done and add a nice flair to the series.

I thought this book has an excellent message, as do all the Xander Nash books.  I think it is a great biblical series for young readers.  The prose is easy to read, with many sight words and the flow is excellent. 

I would recommend these for Sunday schools, libraries and home schooled children to read and enjoy.  The Xander Nash series are an excellent source of biblical knowledge for young children.

Follow young archaeology enthusiast Alexander Nash, as he travels and dreams his way through the various eras of our Biblical history. Will the stories of the Bible affect him, or will he affect them?

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