August 19, 2011

When Daddy Snores by David E. Jones

When Daddy Snores is a children's picture book.

After their daddy comes home from work a boy and a girl try to determine what that awful noise is.

The sound there hear is terrible!!  It can shake spiders off of walls; frighten the postman and the police; sound like thunder in a very bad storm; or maybe a lion or a tiger or a bear!

The two children seek and search and reason and rhyme to find the source of the sound.  When mom comes home from the grocery store, she sets the two siblings straight.

This is a really cute book!  It's small, compact and easily transportable.  The prose is very catchy as it is full of rhymes and makes the story appeal in a sing-song kind of way.

The ideas the children come up with are funny, freaky and enjoyable for young readers to hear.  This is even better if your child has a daddy who snores, then they can relate to the tale being told!

The artwork is done in an old cartoon style where the characters eyes are whited out kind of like Little Orphan Annie!  Dark, bold strokes outline the bright colours set upon the pages.  Illustrator Anthony Fisher is an award-winning artist and logo designer and is currently the chair of the Sequential Art program. 

Author, David E. Jones, originally wrote "When Daddy Snores" in 1978 as a poem and read it to his three children at bedtime and it was not illustrated until 2005.  This is Jones' first book and its about to go into its second printing!!

My kids just loved hearing the tale and my seven year old really digs rhymes so it appealed to her in a very fundamental way by meeting her standards of books.  She quickly claimed it for her library and I often hear her trying to read from the pages.  

When Daddy Snores

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  1. HAHAHA great to use humor to teach kids! :)

  2. Yes, the hubby snores & my dad does too!!!
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  3. My daddy does definitely snore...LOUD! But I am glad to say that my fiance only snores every once in awhile and it isn't very loud at all...THANKFULLY! :)))

  4. My Dad did my entire life I didn't know how use to it I was untill after I moved from my parents home. My Dad died of cancer 10 years ago I would give any thing to hear his snores again.

  5. Yes my husband (and son!) snores. tylerpants(at)