August 11, 2011

Royal Purple Review

As the middle of 5 girls, I have a really hard time shopping for boys. I just haven't been around them very much. Until I got married, my dad was the only male member of my family. And for his birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day, my sisters and I always bought him 1 of 3 things - a knife for his collection, bullets for target practice, or dark chocolate. Every Holiday we would ask him what he wanted and that's all he would tell us.

Now that I'm married and about to have a son, I'm at a huge disadvantage. My husband doesn't have a gun, he prefers vanilla to chocolate, and for some reason I don't think it's a great idea to buy my baby boy a knife.

Because of this, I'm always thrilled when I find a store that caters mainly to boys. Royal Purple is just such a store!

For those of you that haven't heard of Royal Purple, it's actually a brand of high performance synthetic motor oil. They are heavily involved in the racing scene, and even have a raceway in Houston named after them.

Their online company store does have a variety of racing products and apparel for sale, but it also carries so much more.

On the site you can find customized automotive gifts (i.e. clocks, tool bags, etc), t-shirts and dress apparel, and even to a variety of outdoor products (i.e. knifes, camping gear, sporting equipment).

Not only did I find the perfect gift for my dad within minutes,

but I also found some items I knew that my husband would love!

My husband isn't the most athletic person in the world, but he does love a friendly game of golf. It's not uncommon for him to loose a few balls during a game so he usually buys the grab bag of "special" balls. He's actually been getting a lot better lately, so I thought now would be the perfect time to get him some higher quality golf balls. Royal Purple has just the thing in their Taylor Made Noodle Golf Balls.

The Noodle+ Golf Balls have a soft core which gives the golfer a better feel off of the club. It also features

Two Piece Construction with Iothane cover delivers pillow-like feel
Souped up dimple design for more lift and carry
Advanced MHT Aerodynamics (Maximum Hang-Time) gets the ball in the air quick and keeps it there longer
Great price - you get 12 balls for just $26

Another product I found that I knew would be perfect for my husband was their Two Piece Industrial Tool Bag.

He is actually really handy and loves to build and fix things. As a result there are tools strewn about the house and garage. The two Piece Industrial Tool Bag is great, because it is thick and extremely well made. He confiscated the bigger bag for his car tools right away. The smaller bag is a great place to stick all of those random tools that I find lying around and don't know what to do with.

To Buy - The Two Piece Industrial Tool Bag retails for just $42 and features

large wide mouth opening duffel and convenient size accessory bag,
Heavy duty construction, 12 inside/9 outside pockets and padded bottom.
Made of 600 denierpolyester. Overall size is 12.75" x 7" x 6".
Larger bag features a full-color logo embroidery.
Smaller bag features a logo silk screen.

Royal Purple is a really great store for Men's Gifts, and I would definitely recommend it!

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