August 11, 2011

My Heart Stopped Beating by Chamed

My Heart Stopped Beating is a true story on one women's journey through hell and back.

Chamed de Silva was born to parents who adored her and until the day she was vaccinated for polio, life was blissful.  However, complications set in and Chamed actually contracts polio and is left paralyzed. 

Her father is determined to see her walk and talk again and works with her every day.  Her mother believes she is a result of sin and believes that she will never be whole again.  After many years of therapy, Chamed surprises her mother and walks.

When Chamed is fourteen, she falls in love with Guiliano and her mother is terrified she will become a young pregnant teenager and works to keep the two separate.  When the summer comes, her mother plans to take her to Venice for the holidays.

After much pleading and begging, she convinces her parents to let her stay at home for a little longer before joining her mother in Venice.  However, before the day is over, a terrible tragedy occurs and Chamed is left to fight for her own survival.

Chamed's aunt cannot stand the golden princess and does all in her power to demean and humiliate Chamed.  She keeps her friends away, her boyfriend and makes up stories to the neighbours about being a witch.  When she feels Chamed may have help coming, she has her committed to an insane asylum where life becomes a living hell.

Subjected to all kinds of torment and torture, Chamed spends the next year slowly dying inside until Dr. Franco and his wife come along and devise a plan to save Chamed's life.  Will they be successful or will Chamed be doomed to spend the rest of her life in a madhouse?

This is a debut novel by author, Chamed.  It has been translated from Italian and I must say it is a difficult read for the most part.  The English is broken and disjointed and sometimes you truly haven't a clue what is being shared and you have to reread certain parts to get the gist of what is occurring.

I think with better editing this can be a truly remarkable book which could enable others to learn from the atrocities that occurred to Chamed.  The horrors that she endured at the hands of those who were in trust was astonishing and heart rendering to read.  I couldn't imagine an Aunt hating as much as hers did, and to be left as she was and have to survive the madness is commendable.

I am glad that Chamed had someone to turn to in the end and that the end of her story did not end in another tragedy.  All in all, if you can get past the grammar and punctuation, then you will enjoy this book.  As well, there is mild to moderate expletives and some situations may be disturbing.

An extreme experience. A heartbreaking autobiographical novel. The author testifies to bewildering crimes, occurring in Italy, just three decades ago, inside an adoptive family and in a mental hospital. Unimaginable crimes almost too absurd to believe possible, that no one has ever before dared to expose to public scrutiny. Actual events chronicled from a reality so bizarre, so nightmarish, where demented and criminal madmen continued to segregate, abuse, and torture a sane and innocent young woman almost to the point of no return. A story of illness and despair, loving kindness and hatred, healing and romance, friendship and superstition, loneliness and loss, envy and revenge, electroshock and the worst psychical and physical abuses in an asylum turned house of horrors. Yet, on a distant horizon, the only hope: A deliverance through the miraculous devotion of love.

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