August 26, 2011

My Child Is Sick by Barton D. Schmitt, MD, FAAP

My child Is Sick!:  Expert Advice for Managing Common Illnesses and Injuries is an encyclopedia of information pertaining to childhood common ailments.

This book is dedicated to the health of all children and is published by the American Academy of Pediatrics Association.  This book will help you realize when to call your doctor and when it's safe to treat your children at home.

You, as a parent, want to ensure that you are doing the best for your children, however, it can get very expensive to take your child to the doctor's for every ailment.  This book is geared to help you decide when you should visit your doctor and help ease your worries both financially and emotionally.

This book is based on the guidelines developed by Dr. Barton D. Schmitt and is used by over 10,000 pediatricians and nurses and over 400 nurse advice call centers in the United States and Canada.  These guidelines have been tested for 15 years on more than 150 million phone calls.

Inside of these pages you will find useful information pertaining to many illnesses and injuries.  There are decision charts which are used to help determine when to call a doctor or to treat at home and it will describe everything you need to keep your concerns at a minimum by walking you through each stage of symptoms.

There is in-depth advice for treating symptoms at home, home remedies for treatments, charts for medicine distribution, dos and don'ts on what you can and cannot do, prevention recommendations and so much more!

There are chapters on head injuries; eye, ear, nose, throat ailments as well as chapters on fever, bites or stings, abdomen injuries, and so much more.  Each has a definition, cause, home care advice and when to call you doctor laid out in an easy-to-read approach that will not leave you guessing on your interaction with your child.

Dr. Schmitt is a board-certified pediatrician and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.  He is an author and created the first self-triage, self-care iPhone app for parents, KidsDoc.  He is the recipient of the American Academy of Pediatrics' C. Anderson Aldrich Award for contributions in child development and the Education Award for contributions in pediatric condition.

This is an EXCELLENT reference guide that I would recommend that all parents keep a copy around.  I have used this book several times in the past few weeks and have been thankful to have had it.  I'm not a panic-mongering parent who rushes my child to the doctor's/hospital and usually do everything by instinct or common sense.  It has been great to realize that I often do the correct things in certain situations.

My youngest son is always coughing and croupy.  This book reinforced my own medical know-how AND taught me a few things, like, I didn't know it was beneficial to have your child drink warm water or apple juice to help open up their airways!!  As well, I forget that honey is better for your child than store bought medicines and now keep a jar in the house JUST for his croup.

I found many useful tips to keep my sanity when it comes to my kids.  I have four of them still at home and a 6 year old granddaughter, so for me, this has become my new bible!  I keep this close at hand and will use it over and over again!!

I could see this as a great benefit to keep in schools and day cares!!  Truthfully, this book has it all and it will reassure you that your doing everything correctly!!

Offering fast answers to questions about 50 common ailments and symptoms, this handbook provides clear guidance on when it would be acceptable to treat symptoms at home and when emergency care is required. Drawn from clinical protocols used in 10,000 practices and 400 nurse-advice call centers throughout the United States and Canada over the past 15 years, the guide focuses on ailments typical to children of all ages, from birth through the teenage years. The reference is organized by affected body area such as head, chest, or abdomen, providing parents with the tools to calmly and competently analyze the situation. The concise, bullet point copy helps readers quickly zone in on the appropriate action—ranging from “Call 911 Now” and “Call Your Doctor Within 24 Hours” to “Parent Care at Home”—and lays out a detailed framework for those administering home care.

 ** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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