August 14, 2011

My Baby Compass Review and Giveaway

Kathryn Thorson Gruhn has 35 years of child development experience. She is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech and Language Pathology. She gained her clinical expertise by working with children as well as adults with a full spectrum of communication disorders.

One of Kathryn’s most rewarding experiences was working for United Cerebral Palsy in an inclusive child development center which was composed equally of children with normal development and those with delayed development. She provided therapy in the classroom and facilitated educational, nurturing relationships between parents and their children, which inspired her ideas for My Baby Compass.

Her down-to-earth, approachable style makes this program accessible for all parents and caregivers.

My Baby Compass

The My Baby Compass checklists are specifically formulated to enable you to quickly and easily detect any delays as your child grows.

The checklists are designed to identify milestones, which are skills, behaviors and physical developments that commonly occur in certain age ranges.

The book  is full of simple, practical information and activities that will complement your own intuition.

The milestones on the checklists are based on statistics, and while 90% of children will fall into this range, your child may be only a few days away from meeting a particular milestone.

There is a separate checklists for each age group, which identifies the following milestones.

Baby Talks (Speech)
Baby Hears (Hearing)
Baby Understands (Cognitive / Reasoning)
Baby Moves (Physical)
Baby Feels (Social / Emotional)

My Baby Compass also includes recommended Toys and Playtime activities for each age group.  Toys and activities will keep your child moving forward and lead him to the next level of development.

My Thoughts~!!

I think these milestone books are truly fabulous~!!  They are very well put together and very practical!  The wording is clear and concise and each of the activities are easy to understand and adhere.

I absolutely loved the sign language charts that are included in each book!  My husband and I are practicing ourselves, so many words to be shared and the babies seemed to love seeing the fingers flicking in their faces.  The stimulation happening while their sub-conscious is recognizing it, is pleasant and encouraging!

I gave a couple of these books out to the ladies in my neighbourhood and asked for their opinion.  BOTH of them agreed that the sign language charts were GREAT and they also enjoyed the songs and such that they experienced with their wee folks.  One mother thought the vocabulary charts were neat, she had know idea there were certain words a youngling should hear more than others and is still practicing this with her daughter.

Located at the back of each book are handy pull out reference check lists which are broken down into smaller age periods!  You won't be disappointed if you invested in these books...they are like a bible of achievements for your babies/toddlers.

There is truly a lot of knowledge within these pages that any parent would want to know!  Information such as Screening and Support in which it relates all that there is to know just in case you feel as if your baby isn't developing as it should.  There are speech screening; hearing screening; emotional screening just to name a few of the topics that have in-depth material shared.

This is a remarkable compendium to have in your possession 
we are offering one of our readers an opportunity to win a set of your very own~!! 

Isn't that just great news to hear??

Thank you to the groovy folks @
My Baby Compass!!!

1 Winner will win a copy of the My Baby Compass:  Birth to Two Years AND My Baby Compass:  Two to Four Years (ARV $80.00)

If you have any questions/concerns with Rafflecopter...please email Jennifer and she'll look after it for you~!!  Good luck to everyone~!!

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **


  1. The author, Kathryn Thorson Gruhn has 35 years of child development experience.

  2. I learned they make books for all the way up to 7 years of age!

  3. I learned that Kathy has a Masters degrees in Speech and Language Pathology

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    I learned that the author, Kathryn’s worked for the United Cerebral Palsy in a child development center, composed equally of children with normal and delayed development.

  5. I learned that the author "is certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA), holding both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Speech and Language Pathology."
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  6. I learned that "In addition to the six age-related booklets composed of over 275 skills in six speech developmental areas, there is a reference guide full of practical information including what to do if your child isn’t meeting a milestone."
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