August 11, 2011

The Munched-Up Flower Garden by Nancy Kelly Allen

The Munched-Up Flower Garden is the first book in the Troublesome Creek Kids Series.

Liz Reilly and her friends live in Troublesome Creek and they never go looking for trouble, trouble just seems to find them.

One day Liz decides to create a flower garden and enter it in the local contest at the annual picnic.  However, before the contest begins, trouble wrecks havoc in the garden and Liz is convinced someone sabotaged her garden to prevent her from winning.

Sallie is a four time champion, a fact that she never allows Liz, nor their other friends, James, Carolyn and Dean to forget.  Liz doesn't know if Sallie would be so mean as to destroy her garden.

While troubles brews, Liz must come to the realization that maybe her friends weren't really her friends afterall.

This was a very entertaining children's book.  The pages are full of rich and vibrant colours that any young one would enjoy.  The characters almost leap off the page with the artistic touch of illustrator, K. Michael Crawford.  Her blend of colours and lines are welcoming to view.

I loved the message that the book portrays and the kids of Troublesome Creek are fun to read about.  I think this is a great book to read to your children as they prepare for bed or for those afternoons when they want to cosy up to a story.  They will come to love the kids and the troubles that follow them.  The recommended reading age is those for children five to nine, but I think the younger ones would enjoy it also.

Sweet talk aside, Liz learns how hard it is to grow flowers, especially when a rival wants to do in your garden. Troublesome Creek Gang book #1.

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