August 14, 2011

More Than A Month Of Sundaes by Michael Turback

More Than A Month of Sundaes is a non-fiction books of ice cream facts.

Author Michael Turback is televisions Sundae King who is also a prizewinning restauranteur from Upstate New York.  He has compiled a wealth of information pertaining to all things ice cream.

Also included with this handy reference book are over 85 award-winning and delicious ice cream concoctions.  From the origins of the banana split, Peach Melba and the Good Humoured Man are but a few of the facts shared within these pages.

There are many interesting tidbits concerning who invented ice cream, how the sundae got its name, the role of ice cream during the Prohibition and many other anecdotes that are sure to tease and tantalize. This book is chock full of interesting and conversation starting topics that will leave you yearning to whip yourself up a sundae and enjoy the pages within this book.

There are many photos shared throughout the pages.  Pictures of the original ice cream parlours, dining rooms of the rich and famous, paintings from history showing the love of ice cream, old advertisements and many more!  The pictures are in black and white creating an ye olde fashioned atmosphere.

Also included are over 500 of the best sundae parlours served in the USA in over 50 states and the sundae that they are famous for, with the addresses of the establishments for easy location.

I thought this was a delightful book to read!  It had many neat facts that I have had the pleasure of sharing with my friends and family, like how the ice cream scoop was invented or how they used to cut ice out of frozen lakes and rivers to concoct the first samples of ice cream that graced the palates of Americans.

I thought all the recipes were a neat touch and each one looks extremely delicious.  I didn't realize there were so many ice cream sundaes and treats and many of them shared have a history as to how and why they were created.

I would think this would make an excellent bathroom reader, it's an easy read and you can close it up and walk away from it, not having to worry where you left off.  I also love the conversation building aspect that the book incurs.  With all them facts and tidbits it would be a hard aspect not to share.

TV Sundae King Michael Turback updates sundae history with a Sundae Hall of Fame of the 500 best sundae parlors in the U.S.

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