August 24, 2011

Living With A Gamer by Charlie Miller

Living with a...GAMER is a comical outlook on your gaming fanatic.

Is that person close to you hanging out with video games instead of real life friends?  Does your loved one have thumb blisters, eye strain, brain drain or any other of the symptoms normally associated with gaming??  Does their personality change after hours of playing?  Are they asking you to call them by their screen name?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this book would probably be for you!  It's filled with many hilarious and fun ideas on how to cope with your gamer.

This handbook for the world of gaming is a must have in order to better understand the gamer in your life.  Giving your insight into the techno-gamer lingo by helping you to translate the language of the gamer as well as,  helping you to better understand their mode of dress, eating habits and giving you tips on how to communicate with the gamer in your household.

Every stage of gaming and gamers is covered in this 80 page book in order to better assist you in all your gamers needs and understand what makes a gamer tick.  Included is historical references to the onset of gaming, top videos of past and present and even careers that your gamer would find suitable to their habits.

I thought this was a very delightful read on the life of a gamer!  My two sons are gamers and I laughed quite often as many of the thoughts and suggestions mentioned in this book definitely applied to them.  My biggest peeve is their attitude change when they cannot get past a certain point in the game!  I've jokingly applied some of the tips garnered from this book and I must say, it makes them giggle and forget their gaming issues.

I would suggest this to any parent or loved one who has themselves a gamer in their midst.  You will find many interesting things to read and apply to your own lives.  The graphics are hilarious and gave the book a more flavoured appeal.

There are three other books in this series, How to live with a "Gangsta", an "Emo" and a "Diva" and if they are anything like this one, then the laughter and tongue-in-cheek humour would be well worth the reads! 

Is the friend or relative you once knew done with hanging around people? Does he or she prefer 3D graphics? And is this person developing blisters on the thumbs as he or she nears the top of his game, his X-box game that is. If you're not registering on his screen, it's all too likely that you're Living With.a Gamer. Learn to recognize and appreciate these weird and wired teens with the help of the first and best field guides to these cutting-edge homo-sapiens.

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  1. I know some people you nearly have to drag away from their game kicking and screaming...Kind of like me and my writing??