August 4, 2011

Lacey's Day by Jack Eadon

Lacey's Day is book seven in the America Drama Series concerning Lust.

Ted Hewitt has just been stood up at the altar and after suffering depression over his loss, he decides to surf the internet.  Not knowing what he will find, he happens upon the name Lacey Chen, her name intrigues him and he begins a correspondence with her.

Lacey, who is from China and whose English is poor, has no wish to meet anyone new, she is over worked, married to a bi-sexual man who controls her and the last thing she needs now is a new friendship.  However, after her initial disdain, she finally writes Ted back and the two begin to enjoy their new found internet relationship.

Along the way, the two teach each other about their selves, their cultures, their feelings and their goals in life.  Each correspondence drives the two closer and closer together and their emails eventually turn into phone conversations.  As each of them deals with their own insecurities, they find themselves committing to meet.

Their rendezvous point is in Chicago and Ted is worried that Lacey will stand him up bringing to the fore his own self-doubts about their relationship.  Will Ted and Lacey meet and begin a romance that will bring pleasure to their lives?  Or will the fates keep them apart, forever to dwell in their own miserable lives?

I love Jack Eadon's books, this is the second book of his I have read and I was equally pleased to find this one was just as interesting as "Head Trip".  This was an audio book that I had the opportunity to review and I found the voices were well liked and easy to listen to.  I have a voice thing and I was glad to hear that the voices were not obnoxious or whiny.

I wasn't too sure how I was going to feel about having a married woman begin a relationship with another man, however, the author really paints Lacey's husband to be someone you wouldn't want to relate to.  As well, you get from Lacey that she respects and loves her husband, she's just not satisfied emotionally with him, hence her need to fill a void.  I was very divided about the situation, even though I felt that all involved deserved to be happy.

I liked the sharing of cultural differences and thought it was well explained and added to the overall cohesiveness of the plot.  As well, I enjoyed Ted's hesitancy with his feelings, they were real to me and not hackneyed.  Here is a man who has been left raw emotionally and is willing to brave the circumstances before him and plunge into a new relationship with a married woman living halfway across the world.  His cupidity for this woman realizes no bounds and his rationality is lax.

This book is a must read for those of you who enjoy romances, especially those who are culturally crossed.  It is reasonable, easily understood and beautifully written.

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Life for both Ted Hewitt and Lacey Chen is starved of simple love when a wedding doesn’t materialize and a genuine love is replaced by obligation. That empty pot is filled with love and care by Ted’s reaction to Lacey and her reaction to him. At first the match is challenging but gets more and more intense as feelings of love are replaced by need, hen sheer erotic lust. At the end the most intense drama occurs when the lovers plan a reunion. Will they meet? Will they be as intensely attracted to one another as they originally think? Will the lust they inspire in each other lead to love that can glue. In this generation of email and Internet, come explore the lust as born and developed on the Internet through emails between Ted and Lacey.

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