August 30, 2011

The First Years miPump Double Pump and BreastFlow Starter Kit Review

For those of you that don't know August is National Breast Feeding Month. To Celebrate this, I thought I would tell you about my experience when I had Kik.

The day I had Kik was not a pleasant day. I was a week overdue and very uncomfortable. I started having contractions around 1 in the morning and couldn't sleep. Around 6am they were finally regular enough that we could go to the hospital.

Once we got to the hospital things got worse. Kik's heart rate kept dropping and I had to be on oxygen for quite awhile. She was also turned so all of the pain was in my back. I was starving and thirsty - ice chips are just not very satisfying. And of course my medicine wore of right before I had her.

After all was said and done I had Kik around 9 o'clock that night. Because the birth was so stressful, the doctors had to take her to the nursery immediately and I didn't get to see her for a few hours.

Finally they brought her back to me so I could feed her, but I was so tired that I couldn't even support her head. The next day she got really bad jaundice and she had to stay under the lights for the rest of our hospital stay. It was so bad, that they didn't even bring her to me for feedings and just fed her formula under the lights. To make a long story short, it was not a pleasant experience.

When we got home form the hospital, I had to figure out the whole nursing thing by myself. And it was hard!! Kik didn't like to eat - formula or milk - and I didn't know what to do for her. She would only eat for around 5 minutes at a time, but had to eat quite often to get enough food.

After a few months, the feedings got easier. She still didn't like to eat, but thanks to the purchase of a pump my husband was able to take a turn on feeding duty. It was such a relief for me!

When we had Bid a good pump was foremost on our shopping list! A great one to check out is the miPump Double pump from the First Years.

The first thing that drew me to it, was that it can be powered by battery or plugged in. With previous pumps I've only had the electric option, and it's put me in some awkward situations. Most of the time, it's not a big deal to plug it in, but that battery power feature is great for traveling!

Also to help with travel and pumping on the go, it comes in a cute bag/carrying case and is really quiet.  If I do have to pump somewhere inconvenient I'd rather have it quiet so everyone can't tell what I am doing.

I also love that it is a double pump, which means that pumping doesn't take as long! And anything that saves time is a definite plus.

To go along with the pump, the First Years also has a great BreastFlow Starter Kit. The kit includes everything a new mom needs to get started: two 5 oz. bottles with Stage 1 nipples and bottle covers, two 9 oz. bottles with Stage 2 flow nipples and bottle covers, a unique snap-to-bottle container, and bottle brush.

The BreastFlow Bottles have a really unique 2 nipple design. There is a softer nipple on the outside to make feeding easier for baby, and a harder inner nipple which controls the milk flow. The bottles are also designed to help reduce colic.

There is also a snack cup which attaches right to the bottom of the bottle. This would be perfect for kids when they are transitioning from a bottle to normal food.

To Buy - The BreastFlow Starter Kit retails for just $19.99, and the miPump Double Pump for $79.99. As an almost 3 time mom and someone that nursed her children for well over a year, I would definitely recommend investing in a great pump! For more info and more great products you can check out the First Years on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency. Opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not compensated in any way!

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