August 23, 2011

Back to School - Zippies Review

Kik starts Kindergarten in just a week! And since Kindergartners aren't known for their cleanliness and organizational skills, I need to get started labeling almost everything she owns. Well maybe not everything, but at least anything I care about not having to replace.

Growing up, my mom always wrote our names on our tags. Which is fine if you are the oldest sibling and don't have to use hand-me-downs, but it doesn't always work out if you are the youngest. And since I plan on saving everything I possibly can for Bid...

A fun new solution to this problem is Zippies!

Zippies are a fun new way to personalize and identify your child's stuff. They are round flexible creatures that have an animal/character face on one side, and a place for your childs identification information on the back.

All Zippies come equipped with an attached adjustable loop and a clip, so they can be clipped on almost anywhere.

When our Zippies came in the mail, we let everyone pick their favorites and then set them loose to do with them what they would. Bid started playing with them like they were little animals, my husband and I attached them to our keychains, and Kik put them on her school backpack and dance bag.

But if I ever send a plain water bottle with Kik to dance class, I'll probably make her take it off her dance bag and use the loop feature to put it on the bottle. I'm not big on sharing drinks.

To Buy - Zippies currently come in 10 different styles and characters and can be purchased online. You can buy a 5 pack for just $15.95 or all 10 for $30 - all with free shipping. Kik likes that the characters are cute and fun, and that I didn't have to write all over her backpack, shoes, etc. As a mom I like that her stuff is easier to identify, and hopefully won't have to be replaced all the time! For more info you can also check them out on facebook and twitter!

To Win - As part of our Big Back to School Giveaway, Zippies are giving away a 5 pack to one of you. Please head to the giveaway post to enter!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  opinions expressed in the post are my own and I was not compensated in any way

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