August 29, 2011

Back to School - WallFlower Jeans

As my husband is a teacher, and my daughter is starting Kindergarten we've done a lot of back to School Shopping lately. Although the items they need and like are very different, one thing they both need is a great pair of jeans.

Regardless of personal style or age, a great pair of Jeans is a staple for almost every wardrobe.

I'm a little bit on the curvy side and a lot of styles of jeans don't fit me very well.  I'm always on the look out  for flattering mid-rise jeans that fit all over.  My tummy is quite a bit smaller, so if I try to fit my waist, jeans are tight on my bum.  But if jeans fit my bum area, they waist band is usually inches away from my stomach.  And neither one is all that pretty.

When I was searching for items for my Back to School Event, I came across Wall Flower Jeans, and found not just one, but two styles that I thought might be a great fit - The Legendary Boot cut and the Luscious Curvy Boot cut.

 The Legendary Boot cut Features a mid Rise Contoured Waist, Slim Fit Through Mid Thigh & Knee (not Bum) and a 19" Classic Boot Cut Fit!

And the Luscious Curvy Boot Cut Features a contoured fitted waistband to minimize gapping, flattering fit through hips and thighs, and an 18" BootCut Leg Opening.

To Buy - Besides the Legendary and Luscious Curvy Boot Cut Styles, Wall Flower Jeans carries a number of great styles to fit almost any one's body type or personal style.  And best of all they are affordable.  Some of the Jeans are currently on sale for just $35!

For special deals and info about more info about Wall Flower Jeans upcoming Events, check them out on facebook and twitter!

To Win - Wall Flower Jeans offered me a $50 Gift Code for either review or giveaway purposes.  And since I am currently 36 weeks pregnant, and couldn't do a fair review as nothing fits me right, I decided to include it in the big Back to School Giveaway.  So go here to enter!

And in other news - YouTube sensation Savannah Outen (left) has just been named Wall Flower Jeans’ “It” girl. Savannah won the coveted role thanks to an online contest where fans picked the next Wall Flower Jeans Girl... Savannah is an independent recording artist who built an amazing following on YouTube with over 320,000 subscribers and 70 million downloads. She is talented, approachable and authentic, and someone teens can relate to, talk to and learn from. She is the quintessential teenager and the ideal girl to represent Wall Flower Jeans!   You can find out more about Savanna on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. I have one of those curvy ones and it is a lot better than the regular jeans. It hugs the waist so that when you sit down, it doesn't flash anyone. lol