August 26, 2011

Back to School - EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Food Scale Review

I know that there are a million "diets" out there. I've always been on the pudgy side, but I haven't ever tried any of the diets since most of them seem like I'd have to give up a lot of the things I love. This summer I decided to try something else, counting calories. I'm happy to report that it's actually working very well for me. Instead of giving up things I love, I'm simply more aware of what I'm eating and I just have less.

As I started keeping track of my food intake, I would spend a lot of time trying to be as accurate as possible. Reading food labels and researching calories on the Internet was taking a lot of time after every meal. While I think it was worth it, I really wanted a more efficient way of tracking my food. So, I started looking at food scales. I have now been using the EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Scale for the last several weeks and I couldn't be happier with it.

Instead of spending so much time trying to accurately use measuring cups or spoons and looking up foods online, I simply record the weight of my food and use the included guide to calculate the calories. It now only takes me a few minutes to record my food after a meal and I'm more confident that the calories I record are more accurate.

The scale is very easy to use. There's a button that resets the scale, allowing multiple ingredients or items to be easily weighed. Then, there's a button that changes the units. I like to keep mine in grams, but you can use oz, lbs, and kg also. It weighs up to 11 lbs, which is great when using the scale for full recipes.

I know there are a lot of scales out there, but I highly recommend this one for ease of use and accuracy. I now consider it the most useful tool I have for my diet.

To Buy -  The EatSmart Pro Precision Digital Food Scale retails for just $35, but can be purchased online right now at for just $25.

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To Win -  EatSmart is giving away one of their Precision Pro Digital Food Scales to one of you in our Back to School Giveaway.

Disclosure - We received a product for review purposes from the above company or their pr agency.  Opinions expressed in the post are our own and we were not influenced in any way.

The EatSmart Food Scale Amazon Link above is an affiliate link - By clicking on this link, EatSmart  generates some referral money through Amazon Associates.  They are donating 100% of the proceeds in August to the Children's Health Fund.  Each month they will be choosing a different foundation to donate to.  

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