July 5, 2011

Xander Nash: Sibling Rivalry by Hunter Talen

Xander Nash:  Sibling Rivalry is  book two in the Xander Nash biblical series.

Xander is minding his own business when his brother, Kevin, comes into his room and announces that their parents had bought him a new multi-coloured sweater.  Feeling jealous Xander whines at his brother and mother and gets angry and feels unwanted.  He decides to take his dog, Mitts, for a walk.  However, before leaving, Xander puts on his brown fedora and trusty explorer's belt.

Deciding to walk through the park, Mitts is suddenly whisked away on a rainbow, with Xander following close behind.  The two ride along the rainbow for a very long time before being taken back in history to the ancient East during the time of Joseph and his multi-coloured coat.

Xander and Mitts befriend Joseph and both of them share stories of their brothers, how Joseph's brothers are always jealous of Joseph and the love their father has for him.  After being placed in a pit to die with Joseph, Xander becomes worried until they are removed and sold into slavery to a trader from Egypt.

Xander notices that time moves differently, everyone around him seems to be a blurry blend every time years pass quickly with everyone getting older except Xander and Mitts.  Along the way we learn of the biblical story of Joseph, his brothers and the destiny he follows in the name of God.

This is a great medium to expose children to the biblical stories that we share.  Children will delight in reading these pages as they are told in a friendly and easy going manner.  I love the Xander Nash series as the stories are honest and approachable.  In Sibling Rivalry the reader is told the story of Joseph through the eyes of Xander.  We learn of his plights, his and Joseph's brothers jealousy, the interpretation of the Pharaoh's dreams, and how, in the name of God, Joseph and Xander are able to make everything work out in the end.  

I love the illustrations in these books, they are black and white caricatures and sometimes they are are overlaid on almost life like quality photos, giving the pictures a charming interpretation.  The font is quite funky and gives the reader some extra charm, instead of reading normal font prose, we are given another aspect of fun while reading a story that has been told for ages.

I would recommend the Xander Nash series to anyone who loves a good Christian reader for their children, it would be great for homeschooling and even keeping a copy of the series in church Sunday school rooms would be beneficial!
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Learn all about Xander Nash and his dog, Mitts~!!

Follow young archeology enthusiast Alexander Nash,as he travels and dreams his way through the various eras of our Biblical history. Will the stories of the Bible affect him, or will he affect them?

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