July 17, 2011

Spotlight - Jack Eadon, Author

About Jack Eadon: 

At a young age Jack Eadon wrote lots of short stories, and penned and directed plays because it was fun!  Then, after having careers as a rock guitarist for a world-renowned cult rock band; a brand manager and Director of Marketing for Quaker Oats; a nationally-acclaimed special-effects advertising photographer; and a college professor in writing and photography, Eadon began writing novel-length works about his life experiences, including an autobiography with CD about his band years.  Now he authors the American Drama Series, where The Seven Deadly Sins come to life.

In between all of the above, he has had five surgeries for a recurrent, benign brain tumor.  He is currently negotiating his way through a tough last recovery . . . with no more tumor.  He has had book signings all over the world.  (See www.eadonbooks.com.)

Eadon has written eight books.  The first book in his new American Drama Series, just out, is called HEAD TRIP, about how separately-conceived “twins” learn from each other about envy, love, and the desire to murder, all starting when they were fetuses in the womb!

Stop by Jack's Web Site and check out all that he has to offer...you shall find many interesting areas to peruse and maybe hook yourself up to a great book or two~!!

Jack Eadon

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