July 6, 2011

The Lowlands Of Heaven by F.J. Dagg

The Lowlands of Heaven is an inspirational fantasy fiction novel.

The story sets out in the 1920's as a young doctor and his young, pregnant wife are taking a leisurely drive through the countryside, however, before the day is over, tragedy strikes and both the doctor and his wife have died, leaving a new-born orphaned.  The accident was so painful and horrific that the baby, Kate, and her Guardian Angel, Laurel, are separated.

Kate grows up into a beautiful and charming young lady whose passion in life is being the saviour and benefactor of war-torn children.  She has a brilliant plan that would bring medical aid to those who would require it firsthand, and not succumb to their injuries from lack of medical care.  Working in a hospital gives her the focus she needs to help those who require her "special" touch.  Her best friend, Dot, and  Dot's husband, Ted, introduce her to Sam, an aviator pilot who owns his own freight company.

For Sam, it is love-at-first-sight, as he is inexplicably drawn into Kate's appeal, however, the feelings will never be reciprocated, as Kate does not have any "feeling" that normally occurs between men and women, it is like a piece of her has been silenced.  Kate, is not unaffected by his charm and the two become friends, Sam evens helps Kate to realize her dreams, and teaches her to fly.  For Sam, he is it in for the long haul, even if Kate is unable to return his feelings.

Laurel is Kate's lost Guardian Angel.  She awoke battered, confused and with a deep memory loss.  She knows she has a purpose and she must do whatever it takes to deliver her "gift", if only she knew who she was supposed to gift.  Her friend, Huey, is a beautifully coloured Hummingbird who carries her messages to Heaven's Post Office at Branch 92.  Huey has always been with Laurel, he is always there to protect her and keep her safe.  As well, she meets Tony along her travels, as she rides the rails in search of the soul she seeks, he keeps her safe from the dangers that may be found on Earth.

Binding the two together is the music, Laurel believes if she plays, it will be heard and the two will be rejoined.  Kate  has an impulsive urge to draw white feathers with blue irridescent edges, she doesn't know why, but her hand will act on accord of its own and when she is stressed, she lets her hand fly.  The two know that something is missing and neither know how to make things right.  And hiding in the shadows is the forces working to keep them apart...

Will Laurel and Kate meet so that the destiny that is meant to be fulfilled occurs or will the hands of fate keep them apart, leaving the two to roam forever without the other?

I thought this was a good read with a enjoyable plot that was easy to read, and with only small infractions on the stories flow.  I thought the imagery presented was quite exceptional and expressed with great detail, allowing one to view the Heavens, giving visualization to a place left to one's imagination.  The idea of the post office with its high tech gadgets was a very different concept to incorporate.  All the different birds coming in and out, some on missives, some resting from and the cacophony of sound they must make when all together would be a wonder to hear and see.

I found the dialogue to be a bit slow in places and sometimes lacking in life.  I didn't like the modern feel to the dialogue, there were no language inflections of the times, nor any of the slang that you should find in the late 1940's.  As well, it often fell short in places where more was required.  Though the descriptive passages were wonderful to read, more dialogue dispersed upon the pages would have given the book more substantiation and given more depth to the characters involved.  I didn't find myself drawn to the main characters until well past midway through the book.

I loved the concept of a person being trapped on Earth without their Guardian Angel to help guide them and thought it was a brilliant idea.  The love story between Sam and Kate was equally engaging to read, however, its Laurel that found her way into my heart.  She is written with a beautiful poetic prose that leaves the reader wishing to read more.  I found her to be spiritually uplifting and a well written addition to the novel.

I didn't mind the read and was glad to have had the opportunity to read it.  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances involving angels or anyone who enjoys a spiritually uplifting story.

An angel’s unfinished mission on Earth, a young woman’s yearning to be complete, the evil will of an emissary of darkness­­—these threads weave together where two worlds intersect in a magical tale of love and hope, resolve and commitment. The Lowlands of Heaven is a classic tale of Good vs. Evil, a glimpse into a world “halfway to Heaven,” and a Christmas story. Haunting and lyrical, mystical and romantic, this masterwork of high fantasy will linger with readers long after they have read the final chapter.

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