July 23, 2011

Head Trip by Jack Eadon

Head Trip:  One Case of Super Twins is book one in the American Drama Series.  This book is the book of Envy.

Superfetation is a rare occurrence which happens in one out of 40,000,000 pregnancies in which two embryos are developed at different times, creating Super Twins.  While it is common in animals, it is quite rare in humans and when Roger is created first, his entity thinks of himself as a God until a "parasite" invades his "Eden" and Marcus sets to form about a month after Roger's creation.

While Roger was created first, Marcus is actually born first, a month premature and Roger is born full term, but is given the role of younger brother.  From the onset of their creation, Roger has been envious of everything that Marcus does.  Marcus is great at sports, getting the girl, grades, reaching Eagle Scout and just about anything that Marcus sets his mind to, he conquers.  This puts Rogers jealousy at full scale and he plots and maneuvers to keep himself number one in their mother's eyes.  To her, Roger can do no wrong and though Marcus excels, she often keeps him held back to balance Roger's lack of any real abilities, other than electronics.

As the two get older, they are compared to Jacob and Esau, and how, not unlike the brothers are to the biblical story.  Though Marcus is the more forgiving of the two, he is naive to his brothers feelings and would never do anything to harm him, Roger finds even that about his brother annoying.

When Marcus is diagnosed with an obstruction on his brain that requires surgery, Roger is ecstatic that the all-mighty Marcus will fall.  While Marcus does have setbacks from the surgery, he climbs above all obstacles to fulfill his goals and becomes the hero to all his friends and family.  Infuriated, Roger sets a course of actions that will be everyone's undoing and he doesn't even care.

This was a great read!  I loved how the author, Jack Eadon, uses the seven deadly sins as the back story to his books.  This book on Envy was written in such a profound and interesting manner that you are going to want to read this great series.  Each of the seven deadly sins has been written about in a stand alone nature.  I am about to read about Lust next and I cannot wait.

Roger and Marcus were wonderfully and believably written.  Their inner thoughts and projections were perfect, their interactions believable and the outcome was well worth finishing the book.  The ending has a few unexpected twists that will not leave you lacking and the book finishes off with just the right flourish to give you closure. 

If I had anything bad to say is that the ending felt a bit rushed.  From the time that Roger meets up with Hector, things seem to pick up in pace and a bit more detail could have been given here.  Even though I am quite pleased with the outcome, it was how the author drew you into the story and then I felt pushed out in the end, not unlike Marcus.  Now that I think about it, that actually works wonderfully and I am now not sure if that was meant to happen or not.  This is a great work of fiction, with a slight biblical tone that will be enjoyed by any who read it.

Ever heard of super fetation (Super Twins)?  Common in animals, it’s where one twin is conceived BEFORE the other, say, a month, then they are born together as twins.  One is a Preemie; the other is full term.  Through a lifetime, this one case of Super Twins zigs and zags as the two twins demonstrate their envy for one another, and the conception order influences how they see each other throughout their lives.

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The book and the sin . . .
“Super Twins” are a perfect way to study envy, for they come from the same womb at the same time, but started differently.  The drama of envy starts in the womb when embryos battle for their position, then are born and live together, always trying to outdo the other, one more guilty of envy than the other.  HEAD TRIP is a dramatic study of envy that, because of the details, fuels many surprise directions.  The plot itself is loaded with many strongly metaphorical scenes that completely define character in a robust way.

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