July 9, 2011

God's Shelter For Your Storm by Sheila Walsh

God's Shelter For Your Storm is a book of God's promise to protect you and keep you safe during the storm's in life.

Author Sheila Walsh states that the storms in life are not discriminating and along the way one needs words of encouragement and optimism in order to remove ourselves from fear, anxiety and helplessness.  We are reminded that even Jesus himself had to weather such surprises in life.

When life throws us curves, we need hope to hang onto until the better weather arrives.  With this book you are reminded of God's love for you and though there are over 3000 promises made in the bible, Sheila Walsh brings to light many of those which we can incorporate into our daily lives.

Many of God's promises are mentioned in this book, such as, peace, love, hope, strength, grace and prosperity, they are written to remind you of the precious gifts we are given by our Lord.  We are reminded of the firm foundations on what God basis' his promises upon, such as "heathen", Balaam, the man whose donkey talked back to him in Numbers 22:22-35.  He has learned that God is not a man and therefore unable to lie nor is he a son of man and therefore is unable to change his mind.  Seeing what is truth from a man who doesn't even believe in God, we learn that God cannot lie and with that, all the promises made must and will be kept.

We are reminded that everything isn't right with the world and you have to keep yourself strong of heart and faith in order to keep the works of evil at bay.  We are shown how to receive malicious slander and turn it into a positive light, reminding ourselves that "Satan" has no power over those who believe in God and listens to the teachings of our brother, Jesus.  All the thoughts about your self-worth being meaningless are countered by the love and grace of God's word, you are given the necessary meditative tools needed to keep your path focused and your light on a positive path.

I thought this was a meaningful and well-written piece of literature.  It is easy to read and written with much love and dedication to the message of God's promise.  I loved the reminders that everyone, at one time or another, goes through moments in life where they are unsure or something bad has happened and we need to be reminded that all will work out with a little faith and love.

I love how Sheila Walsh writes with a beauty of prose that is heartwarming and gentle to read.  I enjoyed reading the scripture references in regards to the promises she writes about.  Equally, I enjoyed reading her own life stories and those of others around her to build a relationship between the reader and the story, they were encouraging to read and filled with great spirit.  I thought the illustrations depicted throughout the pages to be beautifully illustrated.

I would highly recommend this as a gift to anyone who needs a uplifting and encouraging read or anyone who could use a spiritual lift and be reminded of God and his promises to us and that even though life may give you lemons, the choices in life are your own, and no matter what path you lead yourself upon, he will always be there to help you lemonade.

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In a world of uncertainty, pain, and struggle, where do you go to find solid and steadfast assurance?

Gifted Women of Faith® speaker Sheila Walsh offers powerful, heart-filled teaching on ten bedrock promises of God, providing the foundation for daily living with confidence, hope, and joy. Sheila unveils principles that provide unshakable security during even the most difficult times by weaving her hallmark storytelling, personal experiences, and applicable Scripture to help readers gain a trust in God that will sustain them for a lifetime.

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  1. Beautiful Review!I have been a fan of Sheila Walsh and her speaking/writing for quite some time now, I like how she uses her own life experiences, and those of others, to teach us valuable lessons about God's love for us