July 20, 2011

Born Free Eco Bottles Review and Giveaway

Deciding how and what to feed your baby is an extremely personal and important decision that all mothers have to make before the birth of their children. Mothers have to decide if they are going to use bottles or breastfeed. And if they are going to use bottles are they going to pump or use formula.

When we first had Kik she had really bad jaundice and had to be kept under the lights at the hospital almost the whole time that we were there. They brought her to me for feedings a couple of times, but mostly they had to feed her formula in the nursery. In the long run this made things a bit easier for me as she liked milk and formula, bottles and nursing.

She was really little and couldn't eat very much at a time, but wanted to eat all of the time. I was getting no sleep so my husband and I decided that whether I was able to pump or we had to use formula, he would get up with Kik for one of the nightly feedings.

We quickly came to realize the value of a good bottle. Some bottles released the milk too quickly and she would choke and milk would get everywhere. Other bottles didn't release the milk at all and she would get upset.

BornFree has attempted to solve the problem with their line of bottle feeding products.

Soft Silicone Nipples
Available in 5 flow rates.

Inner Valve and Air Vent

Helps minimize colic symptoms by reducing vacuum build up.
Transparent BPA-Free Plastic
Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
Easy to Hold

Their ActiveFlow System (comprised of the nipples and air vent) allows a baby to control their own speed of feeding, which makes for happier babies.

The inner valve and air vent also help reduce the vacuum effect and regulate the amount of air a baby sucks in while feeding.  This helps with Colic and upset tummies.

BornFree recently released a new Eco Friendly line of bottles.  Not only do they share the same features as the other products, but they are completely recyclable as well.  After use, the bottles can be returned to BornFree where they will be recycled into toys and furniture.

The BornFree Eco Bottles come in 2 sizes (5 oz and 9 0z), and 2 styles (Eco Classic and Eco Deco).

Both styles are really easy to hold, and I love the little pattern on the Eco Deco bottle.

To Buy - Another feature I love about  BornFree  is that the bottle and cup parts are completely interchangeable.  Besides being convenient, this is a great cost saver!

Born Free bottles are available Nationwide at Babies R Us, Target, Whole Foods, CVS Pharmacy, Diapers.com, and Buy Buy Baby.  For more info you can find them on facebook and twitter.

To Win - BornFree is giving away a Born Free Eco Classic and an Eco Deco Bottle to one of you - that's 2 bottles!

*Note - The Giveaway is being hosted by Rafflecopter and will load below. Make sure and do the first Mandatory Entry to be eligible to Win!

Disclosure - I received a product for review purposes from the above company Opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced in any way.


  1. Hi, I like these bottles, put the price is alittle high, hope I can win these, for my grandbaby. Thank you, Paula Caudill paulasue39@yahoo.com

  2. I lov ethat the eco line is recycable!
    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

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  4. My favorite feature of the born free feeding system is that the bottles are BPA free.
    lajohnson555 at yahoo dot com

  5. My favorite feature is the Inner Valve and Air Vent that helps minimize colic symptoms
    akritical at yahoo dot com

  6. My favorite is that the bottles come in glass (not a fan of any plastic!) and the leak-proof feature

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  7. i love the innervalve to vent air!

  8. I like that it is BPA free and can come in plastic or glass!

  9. I like that it is BPA free and reduces colic. Rita Spratlen rj_angel_house@yahoo.com

  10. recyclable and reduces colic!

    teamkb628 @ gmail.com

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  12. I love that the bottles are bpa free and eco friendly. kelleykjag at yahoo dot com

  13. I like that the bottles are BPA free and designed to reduce colic.

  14. I love that they're bpa free and recyclable!

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  15. I like the fact that it has a "ActiveFlow" system!

  16. I was amazed to read that 80% of mothers of colicky babies using BornFree ActiveFlow bottles reported a significant reduction in colic symptoms within one week. That's fantastic!
    dahbou at gmail dot com

  17. Love how it helps reduce colic in babies!
    Lola G

  18. Hi, I’m Sarahgreen.. new to this space. Can someone help me finda site that offers natural/ eco-friendly baby products?

    I’ve found a few sites but not all their products are organic or eco-friendly, and it’s hard to find a site that has cute stuff.