June 23, 2011

Xander Nash: The Beginning Of It All by Hunter Talen

Xander Nash:  The Beginning Of It All is an early reader involving the story of Creation.

Xander Nash and his dog, Mitts, are adventurers at heart.  Donning a brown Fedora and his trusty explorer's belt, the two set off on many adventures.

Xander doesn't want to go with his brother Kevin to the movies, for one, the movie has already started and Xander hates missing the beginning of the movie.  Frustrated and disappointed, Kevin goes the theatre on his own leaving Xander to his reading.

After his mother asks him to walk the dog, a rain begins that ends up turning into a flood and Xander and Mitts are forced inside their umbrella, totally unaware of their surroundings or what is occurring.  For hours they float in the darkness before emerging into the light, Xander becomes suspicious that they may be experiencing the first burst of life. 

As the two explore all the changes that occurred during Creation, they marvel at the handiwork of God's genius!  They watch how the lands emerge, and the stars appear, the animals are formed and they even get to meet Adam and Eve along their journey.  Together the group help Xander and Nash figure out how to escape the Creation timeline and return to their own. 

I found the story to be a great one to write about, the format its written in is great for young readers, Xander is a likeable boy and his adventurous nature is enjoyable to read.  The font style of print is catchy and adds to the ambiance of the tale.  The flow is decent and the prose is very easy to read and understand.

The illustrations by Neil Kleid are really neat, some are done in a black/white cartoon format and other times the cartoon format is super-imposed into a real black/white scene.  Like when Xander arrives at Eden, the picture of Xander is in cartoon caricature and the scenery of the waterfall looks like real photo, though slightly abstract, I found that to be very clever! 

I would recommend this to any child just learning to read on their own or any Christian children who wish to have the Creation story explained to them from a child's point of view.  This book, which is only one, in the series of Xander Nash, is sure to be a favourite!

To learn more about Xander Nash and his adventure series...

Follow young archeology enthusiast Alexander Nash, as he travels and dreams his way through the various eras of our Biblical history. Will the stories of the Bible affect him, or will he affect them?

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