October 13, 2011

Warm Tradition Hot Water Bottle Review

Sometimes babies get fussy for no discernible reason.  Even after the baby wakes up from a nap, has been fed, and has a clean diaper, sometimes they still cry.  Or Scream.  As a parent it's really frustrating because there is only so much you can do to help them.

A great product for new parents to invest in is a  Hot Water Bottle from Warm Tradition. Warmtradition.com carries kid friendly plush hot water bottles that can help soothe a colicky baby.

To help soothe a baby, you can actually put the hot water bottle on your knees and lay the baby on its belly on top of the covered hot water bottle.  All of the kids Warm Tradition hot water bottles have a protective covering which makes them perfect for this.

The bottles are easy to use.  You can either heat water on a stove or run your tap water until it reaches it's warmest stage.   Then you fill the bottle up to 2/3 full, and seal it with the stopper.  After that, the water bottle can be placed in its cover or wrapped in a dry towel.

When my girls were little they didn't really scream uncontrollably from pain, but they did hate to sleep.   My two year old still doesn't like to go to sleep unless she is snuggled up next to my neck - like a cat.  After she falls asleep I can usually lay her down in her own bed.  But if she has bad dreams or it's cold out, she always wakes up.

Another use of a kids hot water bottle is to help soothe and comfort light sleepers.  The extra heat warms up a bed and can provide them with a sense of security.

To Buy - The Plush Cow hot water bottle retails for $29.95 and s a great product for children and adults alike!  Other functions of a hot water bottle include
  • soothe aches from arthritis and muscle pains
  • great for staying warm in outdoor events/activities
  • great for cramps/ postnatal recovery
Check them out today!

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