June 7, 2011

Surrendered Balance by Hermina Krista Pettiford

Surrendered Balance is a daily living guide for the modern Christian woman.

Debut author Hermina Krista Pettiford describes the modern Christian woman as one who balances all of her responsibilities:  family, career, friendship, the ministry of others and caring for oneself all while keeping the Lord at the center of her life.

With four children, a marriage, a career, and an active participant of her ministry, Hermina Krista Pettiford allows Jesus into her heart and although her world becomes unbalanced, she divorces her husband, she puts her faith in the Lord and from there her life becomes better and has more meaning.

In Surrendered Balance she brings together all the excerpts from the bible that are meant to encourage and empower you in the name of the Lord.  Taking each day, she incorporates a daily life lesson to meditate and focus upon in order to put your faith in the Lord.  She has set up weekly "worksheets" to keep you on track of your goals.  Goals such as nourishing your spirit, remembering family time, knowing and growing yourself and others meant to remind you to take a few moments each day to focus on your direction in life and shape you into the caring, god loving person you were meant to be.

I found the book to be motivational and would recommend it as a daily devotional for those Christian woman who need some guidance and structure.  The reading is light and easy to follow with many scriptures immersed throughout its pages to remind the reader what God's intentions are for each of us.

I did not find the worksheets to be a benefit, they are a little confusing and not structured enough for my likes.  Although I read each segment, I didn't see the need for the worksheets to help with my spiritual guidance.  There isn't anywhere to list your weekly goals, though you are given a couple of lines at the end of each worksheet o explain if you did or did not reach them, there is no place for the set up of those goals.  I feel that would of been more beneficial than the structure that is currently in place.

I found fresh and entertaining insights into maintaining a relationship with the Lord via the down to earth, easy to understand writing style.  The author is quite honest in her life circumstances, telling how that when she allowed Jesus into her heart, her husband, not understanding, decide he'd had enough of their marriage and it dissolved.  Most woman, in such circumstances, would either break down emotionally or give in to their partners demands, Hermina Krista Pettiford decided to put her faith in the Lord and allowed him to make her decisions for her.  She shows you how you can also put your faith in the Lord, not saying that everyone's marriage will end with defeat, but if you put your trust in God, then everything will work out as it is meant to.

Is your life hectic? Do you often wonder how you made it through your day and got everything done? Is your relationship with God suffering because of your busy lifestyle? Has your dream of a perfect life become a blurred vision? If you said yes to any of these questions then this book is for you. Imagine living a life of balance, in the flow of God's will even while you're always on the go.

It is possible to flourish and have fulfillment in both your spiritual life and natural life without feeling as if you are neglecting either one. It comes by way of surrendered balance. Hermina Krista Pettiford, a women's ministry leader at her local church, in her first book connects with modern the Christian woman, giving fresh ideas and insight for balancing the responsibilities of modern-life while maintain an intimate relationship with God. In her personable style she gives practical solutions and applicable tools for women to make a life of surrendered balance no longer just a dream but a reality! Weekly Planner and Weekly Devotional Included!

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