June 14, 2011

Revelations by Laurel Dewey

Revelations is the third book in the Jane Perry murder mystery series.

Detective Jane Perry has just been assigned her toughest case, not by her department, but by her doctor.  Jane has just been told that she may have cervical cancer.  After recently getting her life in order, she is disheartened to learn of her newest fate.  Deciding a leave of absence is best, in order to get her affairs in place, she is sidetracked by a new investigation.

Her partner, Weyler, informs her that he wants them to investigate a kidnapping of a fifteen year old boy, Jacob Van Gorden, the son of a wealthy and prominent businessman in the town of Midas.  Weyler explains they are doing this as a favour, seems he and the Sheriff of Midas, Bo Lowry, are old friends and the Sheriff is about to retire and wishes to put this case behind him.

Going outside of their jurisdiction the two accept the case, but what Jane unravels isn't what she expected to find.  Jane comes to learn that her own mother may have had a hand in this affair and with many twists and turns, she is lead deeper and deeper into the mystery of Midas, while fighting her own inner emotional turmoils. 

Jordan Copeland is their main suspect, he has many secrets and shares them in riddles and half-truths and he was once tried and convicted for a similar crime many years ago.  Hank Ross, a bar owner in Midas, befriends Jane, forcing her to reconsider her feelings about the opposite sex, breaking away the hard outer shell she carries like a prize. 

Everyone in Midas has a secret and fingers point to almost everyone in town, including the Sheriff, someone knows the truth and Jane is determined to find out and put this mystery behind her.  Her health may depend upon it...

This was a great mystery, no seriously, the plot is convincing and leaves you turning the pages.  The characters are believable, each one fitting into the story nicely and their character traits were flawless.  I thought Jane was a very strong protagonist, witty and determined, she is one of the better liked characters I have read in a while.  Her convictions are worthy and her tell like it is attitude was very enjoyable to read.  As well, Jane's emotional battle was heart warming, drawing you into Jane's personality, endearing her to the reader.

I thought the ending was perfect, the outcome will not disappoint those who peruse the pages, sometimes books fall short in their wrap up but this one completes the story, bringing it full circle in a well written prose. 

If I had to list one flaw, it would probably be the Sheriff, I'm not sure if it was how he spoke or his attitude, but I did not like him and perhaps, this worked with the story, adding to the mystery, however, I found him annoying to read and was glad to get past his narrative.  The book is a long read, but its well worth it and I would definitely recommend it for your mystery club book shelves.

In this third Jane Perry novel, Laurel Dewey takes Jane out of Denver to the small town of Midas where the Chief of Police is a close friend of Jane's boss. Jacob Van Gorden, the fifteen-year-old son of a prominent area businessman, has disappeared and all signs point to his abductor being Jordan Copeland, a man who committed a similar crime decades ago. Jane settles into this little community for much longer than she wants, living with a preacher and his family (including their eccentric teenage daughter who was Jacob's girlfriend). There are signs that Jacob is still alive, so the clock is ticking. And as Jane investigates Jordan Copeland, she begins to have doubts about his guilt and begins to uncover signs of devastating and even deadly secrets all around Midas.

Revelations is the most powerful and personal Jane Perry novel yet. Teeming with the passions and ambiguities that make Laurel Dewey so compelling to read, it is a breathtaking story of mysteries revealed and withheld.

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