June 21, 2011

Remembering When I Was Young by Carole Carson

Remembering When I Was Young is a book of pure imagination for the young and old.

Carole Carson has written a magnificent and engaging tale of the imagination.  A grandparent explains to their grandchild what life was like when they were young.  The world is topsy-turvy and things weren't what they are today.

Illustrator, Peggy Kenfield, has created a vision of colour in pencil crayon which is sure to enrapture your little ones as you tell them a tale of long ago...

Included is a companion colouring book for your and your child/grandchild to enjoy.  Colouring in the pictures are you envision them is fun and rewarding!  You may even have a new masterpiece for your refrigerator!!

My kids and I loved this book.  The rhymes were cute and my wee ones found it very easy to read and discuss.  My 7 year old daughter, "Not Quite Right", kept saying that everything wasn't true, and asked why they were lying.  I explained to her that we're using our imagination to open a whole new world of possibilities.  Her structural mind seemed to accept my answer and though she struggled with it, she was able to see the imagery set before us!  My 6 year old son, "Odin McBamBam", absolutely loved it, he lives in his world of imagination, so I was positive he would enjoy this book!

The pictures are gorgeous, coloured with just the right blends and able to capture the attention of the children!  I loved the sight words, such as, all the uses of colour words like pink, black, green, etc.  The concept was delightful, like "Our indoor brown cow gave us hot chocolate milk!" or "Hot jello was served on green noodles!"

The colouring book that was included details the whole book without the colour and you can add beauty to the pages any was you wish!  Included at the back of the hardcover book you'll find several pages to list things for your future generations to enjoy.  Personal life choices like where you lived as a child, your first pet, did you ever splash in puddles and more! 

It is a great reader for those just beginning to understand to read or for a book to read your wee ones to sleep at night, it would be a great way to slip off to dreamland with, I'm sure your children will only sleep happy thoughts!  This would also make a great present to give to your grandchildren/children, for a personal keepsake, to be treasured forever!

Playful and engaging, this story opens a child's mind to a world of pure imagination where lives are turned upside-down, inside-out—kids' pants are held up by giant balloons and clouds are stored in boxes. Memory pages at the back of the book pose questions for a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or parent to answer about their own childhood, transforming it into a keepsake to treasure. The set includes a companion coloring book.

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