June 28, 2011

Our New Yard!

Back in May, my husband and I decided that for Mothers Day and Fathers Day this year we were going to redo our backyard. We had an extremely small patio, and a wavy yard, and it really wasn't usable. So we called a few landscapers to give us bids.

The first week we had appointments with two different landscapers on the same day. After waiting around for hours we realized that neither was going to show. So we called some other companies to get quotes. A day later one of the original landscapers called and apologized and came over and gave us a quote. We never heard from any of the 3 companies.

The quote was great so we went ahead and had him expand our patio. He poured another concrete slab and then did pavers around both to tie it together. He did a great job!

He has been letting our grass die for the last couple of weeks so he can till the whole thing up and level it off. He just told us today that the whole thing should be done by Saturday!
We can't wait to buy furniture and start using our backyard. We have some old patio furniture but my husband really wants a new grill. He has the perfect spot all picked out for it.

We've been looking online and he really loves the weber grills. If I was picking it out, I would go for something like this - because it's blue.

Sadly I've been told that my idea of good grill doesn't even come close to what he wants.For one thing it's charcoal and not gas. And apparently it's way to small.

He would love apparently love one of the weber genesis grills - specifically the genesis e310.

Apparently it's a 3 burner liquid propane gas grill, and way better than the one that I like.

Since he's the one that does all of the grilling - all of the cooking really - maybe I'll give in eventually and let him pick one out that he likes.

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