June 13, 2011

N. H. I.: No Humans Involved by Ray Ellis

N. H. I.:  No Humans Involved is a debut Christian murder mystery novel from author Ray Ellis.

Nate Richards is a rookie detective in Treasure City, who has strong religious convictions and he uses his instincts and his faith in the Lord, to solve his crimes.  Many in the bureau finds his methods odd but they grudgingly give their respect to him, for he does his job well.

When a street gang called, Abyss, up their stakes in the game and begin to control almost half of Treasure City, Nate must deal with the fear that is growing in the streets.   After he investigates the deaths of a fellow police officer and a young person, the street gang members begin to die in numerous numbers and Nate is hard-pressed to keep his faith while solving the case.  Thinking that Abyss was at the root of all the chaos happening on the streets, Nate soon comes to realize that all he has known isn't what it appears to be.

With the fear growing stronger each day, Nate begins to question all that he knows and  wonders if he has the strength to solve the case.  When his best friend/girlfriend, Amber, goes missing, Nate, finding it hard to follow the rules and red tape, must use all of his wits to save the one he loves, while retaining his faith, his integrity  and his job.

For a debut murder mystery I was quite impressed with the amount of intrigue Ray Ellis was able to incur.  I found the first few chapters to be a bit stiff and the flow was somehow lacking but it didn't take long for the plot to find itself and the world of Treasure City unfolded.

Though there was a huge emphasis on Nate's Christian viewpoints, I didn't find it overly invasive or preachy, and thought it suited Nate's character, as well as, those in his immediate circle. 

I quite enjoyed the suspense building throughout the novel, you could almost feel yourself racing beside Nate in solving the crimes and wishing you could shout at him when you figured it out before him.  The comedy in some situations really worked which took the edge off the suspense, in order to renew it again in the next page or two. 

I did find some of the characters involved unbelievable, they were almost childish in their approach to events that they found themselves in, well, not childish, more naive.  As well, some of the actions of the characters weren't fitting of the situation, and this affected my overall enjoyment of the story.  The plot is amazing; its the characters that lack any real depth, but taking into account that this is a debut author, I am sure Ray Ellis' characters will only develop with time and substance and become something quite amazing!  If you like a good murder mystery, then you will definitely enjoy this one!

Fear and violence threatens to destroy the city

Half of Treasure City is controlled by a violent street gang. The other half is controlled by fear. A rookie detective, Nate Richards, is thrust between the two.

Abyss, a mysterious street gang moves into the valley and people have started dying. Nate’s girlfriend suddenly disappears and the gang is being targeted as the cause.

With his partner fighting for her life—the result of a vigilante’s bullet, political pressure from above, and time running out to find his missing girlfriend, Nate has to overcome the darkness that has taken over the city and threatening to consume his soul? Forced to fight to stay on the case, he has to work against his command and the elements of the streets while trying to hold on to his faith that seems to make less and less sense as details unfold.

With darkness growing and evil seeming to swell, will Nate have enough time to solve the murder and discover the identity of the new gang leader before his girlfriend becomes the latest victim in the growing violent total. Will he succumb to the pressure to get the job done by any means necessary, or will he become part of the problem and prove that there are No Humans Involved.

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