June 9, 2011

My Trainer Fitness For Kids Review!

My Trainer Fitness for Kids contains 6, 20-40 minute workouts that include drills, strength, and endurance exercises in a fun and fast format that kids can do with friends or siblings, alone or with the aid of an adult.

The MTF Kids 6-pack workouts were created by Coach Robyn Holland of Crazy Running based in Winston-Salem, NC. Robyn loves running and kids and she’s put these passions together in Crazy Running, a program that get kids ages 9-14 running like crazy, while exposing them to all venues of track and field, from sprinting and jogging, to relays, hurdles, cross country, and 1-5K training, Robyn coaches it all.

LeAura Alderson is a mother of two internationally adopted children and partner with her husband in domestic and international real estate investing, venture capital, and owner of My Trainer Fitness Publishing & LLC. Inspired by the successful resolution of chronic back pain and bone loss through exercise and resistance training, LeAura recruited one of the best personal trainers, Jill Coleman, to assist in creating the first My Trainer Fitness line of workout books and products, to empower others toward their own success.

Probably every parent has said to their kids, “Why don’t you go outside and get some exercise?” We do this because we know that in today’s high-tech era, we’re all more sedentary than is best for our bodies, and we’re all painfully aware of the techno era catch-phrase unheard of a decade ago: “childhood obesity”. So, when we send the kids out, what do they do? Parents know that they often come back soon afterward, ready to get back onto their more enticing computer games. But kids were designed for running and romping, climbing and racing and that’s what keeps them growing strong, healthy and balanced. So next time, send your kids outside with a My Trainer Fitness for Kids card for around 30 minutes of fun and vigorous exercise. You’ll both be glad!

 What Type of Exercises Can You Expect?

Drills – exercises that tell your body what you expect of it and to be ready for faster more vigorous action.
Cardio – stands for cardiovascular, which means the heart and blood flow. Endurance means your heart and lungs can handle more work.  Jogging, running, sprinting, high knees or jumping jacks…anything that gets your heart and breath pumping harder and faster is called endurance or cardio training.
Interval training – to sprint and then rest, sprint and then rest.  Sprints can be running, but also fast-paced cardio exercises of any kind.  Kids do sprints often when playing, which is one of the most natural forms of exercise, and builds endurance.
Plyometrics – combine strength and cardio exercises, such as squat jumps, squat thrusts and jumping lunges or switch jumps. Plyo’s also help to activate your fast-reaction muscles.

 My Thoughts~!!

I found these cards to be very helpful and handy in getting children on the course of exercise! Everything is explained with great attention to detail, length of time for exercise, how to participate and do the exercise correctly, its all there for you and your child to benefit living a healthy lifestyle.

Each card is laminated for added endurance and are joined together by a carbine hook that you can add to your purse, backpack or wherever you keep your exercise equipment!  You rotate the six exercises, each day has its own set of instructions and pictures to show you how to do everything properly~!!

My 6 year old son, Odin McBamBam, really enjoyed the workouts, he is my little muscle man and after each explanation he took everything to heart and did exactly what was expected of him.  He then proceeded to act as trainer to the other children when they were having troubles understanding how to move their bodies correctly~!! 

Each of the exercises are easy to do, follow and participate in!  And the fact that you can take the cards everywhere, is an added bonus, in case you want a change of scenery, like the park, and you don't have to worry about DVD's or CD's, everything you need for your child to begin exercising is found on the cards!  Everyone, including adults, would benefit from such an accessory to their healthy living mandates!

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