June 9, 2011

My Trainer Fitness For At Home Review!

My Trainer Fitness For At Home contains 6,  30-minute, 2-circuit workouts that include strength and cardio training, plus tips and information.  These workouts are “intermediate” in intensity, however, can easily be adjusted to your current fitness level.

LeAura Alderson is a mother of two internationally adopted children and partner with her husband in domestic and international real estate investing, venture capital, and owner of My Trainer Fitness Publishing & LLC. Inspired by the successful resolution of chronic back pain and bone loss through exercise and resistance training, LeAura recruited one of the best personal trainers, Jill Coleman, to assist in creating the first My Trainer Fitness line of workout books and products, to empower others toward their own success.

Jill Coleman is a certified personal trainer with over 7 years and 10,000 hours in personal training and serves as a group exercise coordinator for Wake Forest University. Jill is a fitness model and top-placing fitness competition winner, coaching clients through her business, JillFit, and along with her husband, fitness expert, Jade Teta, ND, owns a unique personal training studio—Metabolic Effect—serving clients in Winston-Salem, NC. Jill also holds a masters in nutrition and is passionate about helping others achieve lifetime fitness.

A client’s idea… a trainer’s expertise… and a great new exercise tool springs from the sweat of many personal training sessions.  LeAura Alderson, entrepreneur and personal training client of Jill Coleman, MS, ACSM-cPT, approached Jill with the idea for creating Do-It-Yourself Workout Cards that people could do on their own to get the benefits of a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost, beginning with the gym workout series:  My Gym Trainer.

This simple idea, born from the desire to be more effective and competent at the gym, and then to share this effective tool with others, has grown to become a platform for fitness professionals to share their expertise beyond the scope of their individual clients.  

My Trainer Fitness is about supporting and elevating the professional while empowering the individual.

My Thoughts~!!

I loved that each card is laminated for added endurance and if you have an erasable marker, it's easy to make notations on the cards, though there isn't any place for such, there is enough room in the sidebars if you need to keep a note of something.  I used it to keep track of my stamina...in the beginning I was unable to do everything to its recommended requirement, so I would note that I was only able to do half and use that to pace myself with.

I liked that I was able to take them wherever I needed to...I live next door to a YMCA, so it was very handy to hook them on my pack and head on over.  I leave them on my pack and just flip them when I needed to, I got some looks from folks, so I just know they were wondering what I was using and where they could get themselves some!  If anyone ever asks, I'll be sure to share the news, I am that confidant in the product as a guideline for toning and firming!

I liked how the exercises are explained, you fully understand their meaning!  I've read many a thing where after reading the instructions, your left scratching your head, this isn't the case with the My Trainer Fitness cards.  

You do each day in two circuits, with circuit one working on your lower body and cardio and circuit two helps with your core and cardio!  They remind you to pace yourself and drink plenty of water and they even give you a 5 minute warm-up workout to prepare your muscles and bring that heart rate up!

You will need a set of heavy and light dumbbells, a mat/rug, a chair and a large exercise ball to gain the full advantage of the cards.  However, the exercise ball isn't really needed and you can always find something around the house to use to lift...I used cans of beans to start with...LOL

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 ** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by me..as I see it~!! **

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