June 30, 2011

Make Your Own Baby Food with Black and Decker 8 Cup Food Processor

When my girls were little they were both extremely picky eaters. They liked snacks, but they both had a hard time with actual baby food. Kik would only eat the fruity desserts, and Bid only liked the pasta.

To get Bid to eat more when she was older we decided to make our own baby food. We would take whatever we were eating, add a bit of water, and throw it into our cheap food chopper. She like the food a million times better, but some things were a bit to chunky to feed her.

Making your own baby food just got a lot easier with the Black and Decker 8 Cup Food Processor.

As our new baby hasn't been born yet, we decided to try out our food processor by making applesauce.

First we peeled and sliced the apples. We have an apple slicer, so I was able to peel and slice 7 apples within minutes.

Then we added an inch of water to a pan, and boiled our apples until they were soft.

Then we loaded our Black and Decker Food Processor with the boiled apples, added a bit of cinnamon, and turned it on.

The Food Processor worked great! In about 5 minutes we had delicious warm applesauce.

And actually making baby food would have been a lot faster. Our applesauce only took so long because we were making it for the whole family and our processor was absolutely full.

To Buy - I am so excited that we found the Black and Decker 8 cup food processor. When we made our own baby food we saved money and Bid ate better. We will definitely be doing it a lot more often for our baby boy.

The Black and Decker food processor retails for just $29.99 and is available at WalMart and blackanddeckerappliances.com. Besides the 8 cup work bowl it also features
  • Stainless steel, reversible slicing and shredding disk and chopping blade
  • 450-watt motor
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Non-skid feet to prevent sliding
  • built-in cord storage
  • 2-year limited warranty
It's definitely a great product for the price!

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