June 28, 2011

Life of Andrew Jackson by John S. Jenkins, A.M.

Life of Andrew Jackson is a memoir of the life and public services of General Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States of America.  This work encompasses his life, his character, his morals and his passions.

This is a full and complete account of the early history of General Jackson, his campaigns against the Indians, the war of 1812 and his official acts of Florida are but a few of the anecdotes shared.

The original contents of the book were published in 1850, written a little over a decade after his death.  Giving us insights into his difficult childhood and the deaths of his family, his hatred of the native people and his eagerness to provide his country with a solution to its "problem."

General Jackson is shown as compassionate and caring towards his troops and an unrelentless monster to those who did not uphold his tenets.  Jackson wears his national pride like a flag wrapped around him and without any personal advancement of his own want, he sets the stage to become one of history's most memorable presidents.

This is a very dry and long read.  There are about 395 pages and the typeface is very small, the prose written in the style of the 1800's, with many of the old English standards being used at the time.  I found some of the pages to have no flow, the thoughts are mismatched, thrown together to fill the page.  As well, the author portrays General Jackson in a positive light with very few biases involved, so, this is only one side of the story that makes the man.

We learn of his hatred for the Native people, while at the same time, adopting an orphaned Native child, I found this to be hypocritical of the Mr. Jackson.  We learn of his love for his family and his heartache when his father, brothers and mothers all perish at the hands of war.  This only spurns on Jackson, instead of being the priest his mother foresaw for him, he takes his position to heart and slaughters all the red skins he finds in his path.  I myself, didn't find myself liking the man, though his principles regarding his men appear good, I had to wonder if he treated them as well as he did, so that they would be better killing machines.  His troops would do whatever he ordered of them, such was their loyalty.

I found the book informative and full of historical data and references that would make a handy reference book for one's library!  There is much detail to be found within these pages and if you are an historical or a presidential buff, then this book would make an excellent read!  It would also be a great book to have around for school projects, should the need arise, you will find more than enough information to help you shed a positive influence on the Andrew  Jackson.

From wilderness pioneer to the perils of the oval office, the world of Andrew Jackson comes to vivid life in this scanned reproduction of the 1850 original.

Written within just 13 years of Jackson's death, this profound account gives insights into the man nicknamed "Old Hickory" because of his resilient nature. Losing two of his brothers and his widowed mother during the American Revolution, he would rise above both poverty and his limited education to become the seventh president, demonstrating the character necessary to endure the often brutal world of America's early years.

Jackson's legacy is controversial due to his support for slavery and forced removal of Native Americans from their lands. Exemplifying the rough and hardy qualities of a frontiersman, he would see success on the battlefield, including the brilliant campaign against the British in New Orleans during the War of 1812, survive an attempted assassination as president, and fiercely resist the institution of a national bank. Through much adversity, Jackson showed the world that one could rise above the ashes of suffering in order to fulfill a God-given destiny, extending his influence for years beyond his presidency.

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