June 7, 2011

Kidorable Hooded Towels

As most of you know I have two events going on right now - the Ultimate Summer Event, and the All Things Baby Event. Today's company fits in perfectly with both - Kidorable!

Besides their adorable line of rain products, Kidorable also carries sun hats and hooded towels that are perfect for Summer!

My girls love to play outside in the kiddie pool, and run through the sprinklers on a hot summer day.  As much as they like playing in the water, they hate being wet, and insist on drying off repeatedly during play time.  Kidorable hooded towels are great for this!  Besides being great for drying off from head to toe, the themed element of Kidorable towels allow kids to continue their play.

The first time my girls saw the Dinosaur Towel from Kidorable. they transformed into dinosaurs for at least an hour.

As much fun as the girls had playing, we actually got the dinosaur towel with our future baby boy in mind.

When both of my girls were little, one of our favorite bath time products were hooded towels.  Babies get dirty and they need baths quite often.  As much as they liked bath time, my girls hate getting out of the bath.  They just got cold so fast!  Hooded towels are great because they help keep baby completely covered, which keeps the heat in!

To Buy - Kidorable hooded towels retail for $33 and are absolutely adorable!  The towels are soft and just as much fun for playtime as they are for bath time!  And from  May 30 through June 12, you can get 20% off their entire order with the purchase of a soft cotton hooded towels. Just use code DRYOFF33 at checkout on www.kidorable.com

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