June 26, 2011

iolo's System Mechanic 10 Review

iolo System Mechanic 10
  • Fixes errors, crashes and freezes
  • Boosts internet speeds
  • Speeds up Windows start time
  • Restores system stability
  • Clears out clutter and junk piles
  • Prevents slowdowns and bottlenecks
  • Plugs security holes
  • Clears out private data
  • Improves gaming experience

  • Simple, step-by-step wizard formats
  • Preset modes for default settings
  • Custom modes for total control
  • Easy to follow catergorized layouts
  • Instructive and engaging graphics
  • Clear presentation of results
  • On-screen descriptions of processing
  • Task-specific and field-level help

You Don't NEED To Be An Expert!!

For easy "fix it and forget it" solutions, System Mechanic offers:
One Click Repairs - One button can instantly repair all problems.
All-In-One Solutions - Run the essential fixes at once
Automated Maintenance - Does all the work and fixes issues automatically.

 ActiveCare works in the background –  to check your computer’s condition. Then when a problem is detected, it’s automatically repaired: your PC is kept in peak condition without ever interrupting your work.

Nine Root Causes of PC Slowdown
  • Slow program access caused by misaligned programs
  • Decline in RAM that impacts all PC processing
  • Slow boot times caused by startup traffic jam
  • Redundant programs leading to conflicts and instability
  • Slow web speeds caused by mismatched internet settings
  • Registry errors and corruption causing instability
  • Bloat that overtaxes the registry
  • Fragmented hard drives that overtax drive processing
  • Accumulated system clutter that wastes resources
My Thoughts~!!
    $49.95 for a one-year service plan
    When I first initialized iolo's System Mechanic 10, I knew my system was in SERIOUS need of HELP~!!

    After setting up the program, which was simple, I followed the prompts and ran a full diagnosis of my system...OH MY~!!  My system was in such dire need, I don't know how the thing continued to work...on my first initial run I found the following errors occurring!
    • Nineteen repairable security vulnerabilities
    • 1700 registry problems
    • 4.10 GB system clutter
    • 7 unnecessary start up items
    • Internet not configured for maximum speed
    • Memory level low - 9% available
    • Registry has never been backed up
    After I ran the initial set up run, I ran it again and on my second run through there were the following errors:
    • 129, 034 or 59.42 GB misaligned file and 70.90 GB fragmented files
    • Errors on the hard drive
    • 106.24 MB system clutter
    • Registry 8% fragmented
    On the second run it took forever to clean up...it took quite a while to get the hard drive optimized!!  Now, the first thing I noticed was the silence...I didn't realize how noisy my hard drive was getting until after everything was fixed up!!  The sound was in my ears and after it was removed, my ears felt RELIEF~!!

    The second thing I noticed was pages seemed to load smoother, even though it still takes a long time to boot up my internet.  I was also hoping it would fix the "burp" that I seem to have whenever I am typing, it seems my system will hiccup and my cursor is no longer loaded upon the page...can be VERY frustrating when your in the flow and you look to realize you haven't been typing...but I still have this occurring!!

    Other than that though, for a system mechanic program it is very user friendly and the background checks it keeps running while your busy doing your own thing, keeps your system up-to-date and your maintenance efforts are minimal!  I like that iolo System Mechanic 10 updates its programming often and each update comes in a timely manner with easy to follow instructions to implement it into your Mechanic 10 programming!

    System Requirements:
    • PC with Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista or XP
    • 25 MB free hard disk space
    • 256 MB RAM
    • 400 MHz or faster processor speed
    • Internet Explorer 6.0 with Service Pack 2 or later
    • An internet connection

    Free trials of System Mechanic are available for download at www.iolo.com/downloads. Trial versions are fully functional for 30 days.

    Pricing and Licensing:
    System Mechanic is $49.95 for a one-year service plan. With automatic renewals, subsequent service plans are offered at a discounted $29.95 per year. Two-year and three-year service plans are also offered at discounted rates.

    *********** DISCLOSURE! ~ I received a product to review from the above company or their PR Agency.  Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own - I was not influenced in any way.  I received no monetary compensation for this post.  ***********

    **  Reviewed by me...as I see it~!!  **

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