June 24, 2011

Flesh & Bones by Paul Levine

Flesh & Bones is a legal mystery psycho-thriller.

Jake Lassiter, former linebacker for the Miami Dolphins turned lawyer in south Florida, is minding his own business one evening.  Enjoying a glass of Glenmorangie, discussing his lifestyle with his best buddy, Rusty MacLean, when a tall blonde women walks in and shoots the man sitting next to him.

Chrissy Bernhardt, a very spoiled and somewhat girly model, has just killed her father over abuse she suffered as a child.  However, Chrissy's memories are suppressed and its up to her lawyer to find out the truth behind why Chrissy killed her father.

Jake doesn't want to take on this particular case, but he is drawn to it like bees on honey.  Digging through Chrissy's past, we learn of her half-brother, who now controls all of their father's business holdings.  He agrees to pay for Chrissy's legal counsel and you are left wondering what his true motives are.

As Jake continues to uncover the truth, he finds that not everyone is as they seem.  The skeletons in the closet are many and its up to Jake to put the pieces of the puzzle together in order to save Chrissy from the fate she has brought upon herself.

I liked this book, the gritty, somewhat sarcastic humour was very enjoyable to read and it blended into the story with a natural clarity.  Jake is a pretty decent hero, who believes in the truth and will stop at nothing to get it.  His humour is entertaining to read, and leaves you giggling with his retorts and comments.  Chrissy was annoying to read, I dislike the prissy types of ladies, however, she is supposed to come across this way, you have a love/hate relationship with her character.

The flow is great, the plot twists and turns while sometimes predictable, still kept you turning the pages, just to see if you were correct or not!  I didn't like the fact that Jake begins to have feelings for his client!  Seriously, do we need to have every hero fall in "love" with every "heroine" or vice versa?  To me, it makes love less than its purpose, you know this relationship would never last in the real world, the two people are totally opposite of one another and if it wasn't for good looks, animal magnetism and sexual energy, there would be nothing there.  I wish authors would use love as it is meant to be, built on a foundation of trust, not the lust that appears in these covers, do not confuse that for love.

Flesh & Bones is a great thriller, sure to keep you turning the pages, or hitting the button on your eReader that is!  I wish this book had been in print format, I think the added behaviour of turning the pages would have added to the overall excitement in the outcome of the story.  Mystery fans will definitely love this book!

Pro football player turned lawyer Jake Lassiter is savoring a drink at a South Beach bar when a beautiful young woman shoots the man on the next bar stool and faints in Lassiter's arms. It's one way to get clients, he figures. The woman, Chrissy Bernhardt, is charged with the first-degree murder of her father, whom Chrissy believes abused her as a child. Lassiter takes the case, which is complicated by the fact that Chrissy's repressed memories of her father's abuse have been "unlocked" with the help of a therapist who turns out to be her late mother's former lover.

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