June 10, 2011

Father's Day Dream Room

It's almost Father's Day, and if I had the money to give my husband the ultimate Father's Day present, I know just what I would get him. I would remake our computer/toy/exercise room, into the ultimate man space just for him.

After clearing the room out, the first thing I would need to shop for is Tv stands.

As you can tell from the picture, the room is not huge and kind of an awkward layout. The problem is, he loves big tv stands (like this one in our living room) -

and would love me to look for nice, man-sized, oak TV stands.  But as much as he would love it, it wouldn't fit in the room.

I personally think that the best option would be to take out the treadmill and search for corner tv stands.  If I buy him a big enough tv to put on it - preferably 60" - then I really don't think he would mind.  Too much.

The next item that would be a must have in the room is an oversized comfy chair, closely followed by an xbox kinect.

He would love it if I painted the room a blue gray color then followed it up with some man art, or maybe a dart board.  But as I'm pregnant, that part is really not going to happen.

As much as I love my husband, and wish I could give him the ultimate Fathers Day Present, for now it will just have to remain a dream.    Instead he'll probably get some type of candy from the girls and a good dinner from me.

What are you getting your husbands/fathers for Father's Day?

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