June 21, 2011

Couch Time

My husband and I are both on the computer a lot. During the Summer and at nights he grades papers for an online University.  And I spend a lot of time doing products reviews and giveaways for my blog.  But in spite of this, our couch doubles as our office furniture.

If you look closely in the background you'll see that we do have a desk in the front room that we could technically use for a work area.  But it's not very big and it separates you from the rest of the room, so we don't use it.  We both do the majority of our computer time at night, and would rather be able to interact with each other than sit comfortably.

What we really need is one of these u shaped bush desks so one of us could be comfortable but still face the other person.

I would love all of the storage space, and my husband would love that chair that comes from the bush business furniture collection. 

I would probably stick to the couch and let him have the desk, as my blog is purely for fun, and he makes money grading papers.  But for a little while at least, I guess our couch will have to do.


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