June 6, 2011

All Things Baby Blog Event Kick Off!

Having a new baby can be completely overwhelming.  There is so much to plan for and so much to get ready, that I like to start months in advance.  With our first child - Kik - I was so nervous and didn't feel like I was ready until months after she was born.  Then with Bid I had done it all before and had everything I needed, so I was a lot more relaxed. 

When I first found out we were expecting our third child I had the same relaxed attitude.  I had kept everything from both of our girls, so I felt completely prepared.  Then I found out that we were having a boy and the panic set in.

Everything in our house leans towards the girly side, and we have virtually nothing for a boy.  It's like being a first time parent all over again!

The first thing I did to get ready was to start cleaning out the baby's nursery.  It is slowly changing from an adorable pink and white ballet themed room, to a bare white room.  There are exactly two things left in the room, our baby crib and an empty dresser.

I am so relieved that I don't have to shop for baby cribs again.  The first time around was such a process.  There were drop cribs, convertible cribs, and foldable cribs.  And I loved them all!

This is what we ended up with - 

In all honesty, I don't love the crib.   I love the look, but I'm kind of short and the crib is kind of tall.  I need a step stool just to avoid having to drop my kids when I lay them down.  Our crib is convertible into a toddler bed, but for some reason it didn't come with a rail.

If I had to do it again, I would probably get the davinci kalani, or another similar crib.

The straight lines would make laying a baby down so much easier.  And I love that the crib converts from a crib, to a toddler bird, to a twin bed.  But since my old crib is the only thing I currently have that works for a boy, my dream crib will remain just a dream. 

Now on to the main event!

Since I will be retracing the path of a new parent as I prepare for my baby boy, I thought it would be fun to take all of you along for the ride.  For the next few months I will be hosting an All Things Baby Event right here.  During the event I will be introducing products and companies that are all about baby, and give you the chance to win some awesome prizes.  Just look for this button!

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  1. Stumbled upon your blog! You sound just like me Alena! Finding a crib for our first born Kaitlin was a such a process. We finally went with these baby cribs after a friend recommended them, and we're thrilled with ours. Maybe it would help you next time.