May 17, 2011

The Way To Happiness DVD Review

The Way To Happiness is a film about hope and redemption in a chaotic world.

In a chaotic world of plummeting moral standards, The Way to Happiness: A Common Sense Guide to Better Living reaches out to millions of people across 130 nations with a message of integrity, morality and trust.

Now The Way to Happiness has been produced as a feature-length film. And with that adaptation comes a cinematic experience unlike any you have ever seen. For here, running parallel with the full text narration of the book, you will find a series of interwoven stories, each featuring different individuals caught up in the drive and drama of living.

You’ll follow their losses, wrong turns, dilemmas, trauma and triumphs–until each person finally arrives onto the way to happiness.

Here is a film about life, finding one’s way and the persistence of the human spirit.

And in the end, you experience a riveting visual presentation of The Way to Happiness’ universal and timeless message – at once compelling and inspiring, a message you can now pass on to others and so enhance their survival and future as well

The Way To Happiness

My Thoughts~!!
I was a little leary to view this at first, L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology just isn't my thing, and I am very eclectic.  Their tenets and principles are far-fetched and way out there, in my honest opinion.  When the video first began it started out with how to keep yourself cleaned and groomed as well as, how it is your responsibility to let others know they need to do the same.  I was groaning and rolling my eyes, over the hokeyness of it, but then, after the first 20 minutes the video takes a different light.  You come to realize that the montage that is always playing in the background is in reference to what was being said by the narrator.  STOP...REWIND~!!

As well, you begin to realize that the people reoccurring on the screen are doing a silent vignette about each of the lessons that each chapter depicts.  You see how each of their actions affects those around them, how the world is more than you the individual perceives it.  With lessons on infidelity, confidence, love, grief etc. each of the stories begin to come together and you see how the poor child, who is living on the streets with his mom and sister, drawing on the sidewalk with rocks, is the same adult who wrestles with infidelity and struggles to save his marriage, while at the same time, its not.  Each story is tied in and you have to really watch to see the beauty that takes place.

The montages being played in behind the characters and through out the video are real footage of events that have played upon the Earth.  The atrocities, the death and despair, the hopelessness of humanity and you realize that we, ourselves, have created all of this by allowing our pride and ego to direct the course.  The video shows how even ONE individual can make a difference, all it needs is that one to step forward, do something and the concept is that most others will follow.  Like the pebble in the pond theory, which ripples out, further and further until all things are touched by it~!!

By the end of the video, I was hooked, though, from beginning to end, the narrator's voice just irritated me, it was too hypnotic and very creepy to listen to and I had to turn the volume down and just, for the most part, allowed the story to tell itself.  Also, it comes with a book that has the narrator's dialogue printed out, so I could read it myself.

By the time everything came full circle, I was crying and vowing to put the 21 virtues on my calendar every day and practice them over and over until it becomes a basic part of who I am.
  1. Good Conduct
  2. Justness
  3. Loyalty
  4. Good sportsmanship
  5. Fairness
  6. Honesty
  7. Kindness
  8. Consideration
  9. Compassion
  10. Self-Control
  11. Tolerance
  12. Forgivingness
  13. Benevolence
  14. Belief
  15. Respect
  16. Politeness
  17. Dignity
  18. Admiration
  19. Friendliness
  20. Love
  21. Integrity
I've come to realize that we are all mirroring to one another the wrong vibes and emotions and maybe if more people mirrored the above "golden rules" than maybe we can get over religious strife, fossil fuel wars and big business governed governments and begin to heal our Earth and our race.

If you are looking for a video with a wholesome message, then I suggest you share a copy with your family and friends, the message the video shares, whatever my views on their church may be, is one that everyone should practice.  The message is true and if more of us were to put it into effect, man, what a groovy world this place would be~!!

Flourish and Prosper~!!
The road to happiness is a high-speed road to those who know where the edges are...
YOUR the driver...

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **

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  1. Thank you for watching the whole film and for your honest review. There is something in the film under "Be Competent". It might be something that relates to your 'opinion' on Scientology. Here's the quote. "What you observe is what you observe. Look at things and life and others directly, not through any cloud of prejudice, curtain of fear or the interpretation of another."

    This is an interesting principle to apply. Have we not made 'judgements' on celebrities or anyone whose stories are 'reported' in the news? It's hard not to do that. Yet we haven't really 'observed' the person and so our 'opinions' are "through [a] cloud of prejudice...".

    One might ask oneself. If what the author of THE WAY TO HAPPINESS wrote, makes so much sense -- so much common sense to me. Is it possible that this same common sense is also found in his other works be they his fiction works, as well as his non-fiction works.

    I'm just sayin...